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December 28, 2020

Beyond COVID-19: A look back at 2020 at the UW

UW News

While this year in scientific research will be defined by the novel coronavirus pandemic and the incredible advances in testing, genome sequencing and vaccination that were made as a result, other significant research and work continued on and around the University of Washington’s campuses.

From studying polar bears in Baffin Bay to evaluating rental ads in Seattle, the work of the UW community makes an impact on the world. As we close the books on this year, we want to reflect on those accomplishments and insights — the ones that go beyond COVID-19.

It is nearly impossible to summarize the year in a few dozen stories. However, with this interactive timeline, the UW News team hopes this sampling of important work provides a broad retrospective on the community’s scholarship.

In a separate project, we will look back and summarize the university’s critical work in the first year of battling COVID-19. We’ve also created a video highlighting a few of the news and research stories that came out of this year.