ovid.u.washington.edu is the central hub of web publishing for faculty, staff, departments, and courses at the University of Washington. In addition to being a file server and access point, users can also set up MySQL database servers on ovid. (Note that direct access to your MySQL server is limited to computers on the University of Washington network.) Ovid is a clustered environment, currently made up of three hosts.

Activating Ovid

An eligible user must activate Web Publishing services in order to create an account for their NetID on the server.

Activate Web Publishing

Ovid Hostnames

General Purpose and File Transfers

Use your per-user ovid designation as the server hostname when connecting:


Replace your_netid with the account in question.


Joe User with the NetID of 'joeuser'  uses this hostname when connecting to ovid:


Persistent Services and MySQL Servers

By default, your_netid.ovid.u.washington.edu is a round-robin host, this means that the particular ovid you are connected to may change the next time you connect using this hostname. In order to run persistent services, such as MySQL, you will need to set a per-user ovid for you to reference and use that will lock your_netid.ovid.u.washington.edu to a particular server, producing a consistent manner in which to connect. This per-user hostname is called localhome.


To set a localhome, you will want to directly connect via SSH to one of the following systems:

  • ovid02.u.washington.edu
  • ovid03.u.washington.edu

Once logged in, run the following command:


This will set that specific ovid to your per-user DNS, and will allow you to connect persistently to your_netid.ovid.u.washington.edu hostname.

Using Ovid

Transferring Files to and from Ovid

Moving Files using SFTP

Opening a remote terminal on Ovid

Connect using SSH

File Transfers


MySQL Servers

MySQL servers require that you set a specific server to act as your local ovid host.

If you have a localhome set

If you have set your localhome, use the following host:


  • Replace "your_netid" with the NetID of the account you're trying to connect to.

If you don't have a localhome set

If you have not yet set up localhome for your NetID, choose from one of the servers listed below that is currently accepting new MySQL installs.

Server Options

ovid02.u.washington.edu Accepting new MySQL Installs
ovid03.u.washington.edu Accepting new MySQL Installs
ovid01.u.washington.edu Not Accepting new MySQL Installs
ovid21.u.washington.edu Retired

Last modified: October 24, 2014