Husky 100

December 31, 2018

Criteria Clarified: Capacity for Leadership

Contributed by Sean Ferris (Office of Student Life, UW Seattle)

Capacity for Leadership

The capacity for leadership means more than you might think of when you consider leadership and who comes to mind as “leaders.” In the context of Husky 100, we are looking for people who can influence, motivate, organize, and bring people together. People who are effective at solving problems, challenging systems, working with others, and implementing solutions. This can happen in the context of research, activism, service – no matter the space you are working in there are opportunities for you to demonstrate leadership.

Students with the capacity for leadership might be early in their journey to become the leader they want to be or the leader their community needs. What’s important is that they show the ability and the potential to make a positive impact no matter the position they currently hold. The capacity for leadership is not about position or title. You don’t have to be the president of a club, at the front of a protest, or responsible for a group of employees – the capacity for leadership means that you are aware of your position among a group and able to leverage your strengths, talents, and use your influence and ability for the greater good. 

Those applying for the Husky 100 can get tripped up because they think there is one version of leadership out there that is most highly desired, but that is just not the case. In your application we want to see who you think you are as a leader, who you want to become as a leader, and the way you are currently practicing your ability to lead. It is helpful if you can point to some successes, but it can be just as beneficial to point to a failure you had as a leader, what you learned from it, and how you have since improved your capacity to lead. Don’t let an antiquated version of “leadership” guide you. Tell us about the leader you want to be and how your time as a Husky has helped you realize that vision. 

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