Congratulations to the 2023 Global Photo Contest winners!

Hutward Bound

#1 Hutward Bound

Mia Bennett

Drei Zinnen, Dolomites, Italy

“I took this photo during a weekend hike in the Dolomites, the iconic Italian mountain range.”


Glacier Waves

#2 Glacier Waves

Jackson Page-Roth

British Columbia, Canada

“Taken on the Northern Juneau Icefield at the tail end of a two month glacier expedition.”

Linhai Mountains Sunset

#3 Linhai Mountains Sunset

Tiffany Yan

Linhai, Taizhou, China

Squirrel monkey sitting in nature

#4 Contemplation

Errol Funk

Lago Sandoval, Peru

“Squirrel monkey contemplating nature.”

Azure jade amid the mountains

#5 Azure Jade Amid The Mountains

Chenkai Zhao

Daocheng Yading, Sichuan, China


Late Nights in the Operating Theater

#6 Late Nights In The Operating Theater

Chris Eixenberger

Nanyuki, Kenya

“A moment of downtime amid swinging doors while training in anesthesiology along the equator.”

Deep Sea Ballet: Deep-Sea Ballet: Dumbo Octopus among submarine volcanics

#7 Deep-Sea Ballet

Maleen Kidiwela

Axial Seamount, Pacific Ocean

“This rare sighting of a Dumbo octopus was taken while conducting deep-sea research during the UW Seattle Oceanography VISIONS cruise on board the UW Research Vessel Thomas G. Thompson.”

Chefchaouen, Morocco

#8 Chefchaouen

Nicole Marsh

Chefchaouen, Morocco

“Chefchaouen is characterized by its vibrant blue doors, romantic artwork, and ubiquitous cat population. This photo captures all three of those elements.”

#9 Sunrise over Omarama

Mitch Paine

Clay Cliffs, New Zealand

Sunrise in Istanbul, Turkey

#10 Where East Whispers To West

Chenkai Zhao

Istanbul, Turkey

“The sun ascends in a dance of dawn.”