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U-PASS Student - Purchased


Student Purchased U-PASS

Students who are not eligible for Universal U-PASS can purchase U-PASS membership each quarter they are registered for classes.

Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) students taking credit courses and International & English Language Programs (IELP) students,

  • Purchase your U-PASS in person from the PCE Office.

ACCESS students, tuition exempt students

  • Purchase your U-PASS in person from Commuter Services.

Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) students taking non-credit classes

  • You are not eligible for U-PASS.


A purchased student U-PASS costs $132.00 per Calendar Quarter.

When can I use it on transit?

New members

If you purchase Your U-PASS will be active
9 + days before quarter start one week prior to quarter start
less than 9 days before quarter start 24 to 48 hours after you purchase

Continuing members

To ensure your U-PASS is not deactivated between quarters you must be registered for classes 9 days prior to the next quarter start. If you do not do this, your U-PASS will be deactivated and will be reactivated for transit 24 to 48 hours after you register.

Enrolled as a student Fall/Winter/Spring but not Summer quarter? You are not eligible to purchase a student U-PASS for the summer, but may be eligible to purchase a TEMP Pass if you meet the criteria for a UW temporary, hourly employee. Your supervisor must submit a Temporary/Hourly Eligibility Form before you may purchase the TEMP Pass.

Terms of Use

As part of the transition to the U-PASS with transit powered by ORCA in the fall, U-PASS members will be required to acknowledge that they have read and accept the new U-PASS Terms of Use. Open U-PASS terms of use in a new window.

Information about how UW Seattle students will accept the U-PASS Terms of Use will be posted on this website closer to the transition. Please check back for updates.

U-PASS Fees for Students Who Withdraw From Classes

U-PASS membership will be deactivated when a student withdraws from classes. Some students may be eligible for a credit of all or part of the U-PASS fee.

If you withdraw Percent of your U-PASS fee that will be credited to you
1st-7th calendar day of quarter 100 percent
8th-30th calendar day of quarter 50 percent
31st calendar day of quarter and later no credit will be given

U-PASS Replacement

You must inform the Husky Card Office at once if you believe your Husky Card has been lost or stolen. The best way to report a lost or stolen Husky Card is through the Husky Card Online Office, where you can suspend activity on your Husky Card Account until the Husky Card is found or replaced. You may also contact the Husky Card Account & ID Center M-F 8am-5pm at 206-543-7222 or by email at

It is your responsibility to take care of your Husky Card. If your card is lost or damaged and you require a replacement, you will be charged a replacement fee.

Your U-PASS powered by ORCA will be transferred electronically when your new Husky Card is printed and will be available for use 24 to 48 hours after card replacement.