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Biennial Transportation Survey

Biennial Transportation Survey

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What is the purpose of this research?

The UW conducts this study every two years. The research will: -Gather information on travel behavior that the University uses for long-range campus planning. -Provide data required by the State of Washington’s Commute Trip Reduction Law. Major employers are required by this law to provide data on their employees commuting choices as determined by the survey. -Provide important information on the effectiveness of the University’s U-PASS program and potential program improvements.

Who is ORC International?

Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) and is bound by their strict business and ethical guidelines.

Why was I selected?

A random sample (n∞ 3,000) of students, faculty, and staff were randomly selected from all enrolled students as well as faculty and staff on payroll for Fall Quarter 2012. ORC International drew the sample. Your individual survey responses are kept completely confidential and separate from any data that would identify you personally, such as your email address, address, phone, etc. The CASRO Code of Ethics states:

“Since individuals who are interviewed are the lifeblood of the survey research industry, it is essential that survey research organizations be responsible for protecting from disclosure to third parties—including clients and members of the public—the identity of individual respondents as well as respondent-identifiable information, unless the respondent expressly requests or permits such disclosure.”

Why is it important that I complete the survey?

Our goal is to complete at least 1,400 surveys. We are required under the Commute Trip Reduction reporting requirements to achieve at least a 50 percent response rate; it is very important for those selected to respond so as to ensure that results represent the entire university. To encourage responses, ORC International will make a $1 to a University of Washington undergraduate scholarship fund for each completed survey. Achieving the required 50 percent response rate among those invited to participate in this survey will result in a $1,600 donation to the scholarship fund.

Who do I contact if I need more information?

University of Washington Commute Options Manager Celeste Gilman
Phone: (206) 685-4380

Who do I contact at ORC International if I need more information or if the survey link does not work?

Patty Gaffrig
Sia Bartell
Phone: (206) 743-9644