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Annual Renewal Permit Activation

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Welcome to the annual renewal Permit Activation Form. Thank you for your participation in our direct mailing program. You may activate the permit(s) you received by completing the form below.

Please note: use of a permit that has not been activated in our system may result in citation. If you no longer need your 2014-15 permit or separate from UW, you must cancel your permit with our office - lack of activation does not equal cancellation. The registered permit holder remains responsible for payment of the permit fee until the permit is physically returned to Transportation Services or expires.

Enter the the six digit number on the front of your permit. If you have multiple 2014-15 permits, please enter any single permit serial number. If you do not have your permit with you, simply leave this field blank.

We hope you have enjoyed the opportunity to receive your renewed permit at your home mailing address. We appreciate your feedback regarding this pilot program. Please let us know any comments or suggestions you have in the space below. Thank you for participating in our annual renewal program.