About DO-IT Video

Over the years, DO-IT has produced dozens of videos on a wide range of topics related to individuals with disabilities accessing curriculum, using technology, and pursuing challenging careers. Our videos have been available on VHS, DVD, and a variety of online formats. Since our first video back in 1994, all DO-IT videos have been captioned and audio described. Starting in 2008 we began to add a variety of features to the DO-IT Video website that demonstrate the wide-ranging benefits of universal design, including a search feature that enables users to search the full text of all our videos using their closed caption tracks; keyboard-accessible interactive transcripts that enable users to jump to any point in a video; and a fully accessible open source media player named Able Player.

For more information about DO-IT's videos, the DO-IT Video website, Able Player, or video accessibility, see the DO-IT Video FAQ.