Novel coronavirus information

September 7, 2021

FAQ: How do faculty request a COVID-19 related accommodation? 

We recognize that some UW community members, including faculty, have documented medical conditions that place them at higher risk for complications from COVID-19. Requests for accommodations related to COVID-19 are handled in the same manner as for other medical conditions. Faculty, academic personnel and staff should request accommodations through the Disability Services Office.

Instructors with other extenuating circumstances (not involving a disability accommodation) that require special arrangements for altered teaching schedules, or to teach a course remotely, must first have their request approved by a dean or chancellor. Each of these requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In general, faculty granted such accommodations are expected to be staying at home and not engaging in other outside activities unrelated to their own health care or that of dependents.

As was the case in the winter and spring 2021 quarters, the Provost’s Office has created a fund that can be used to support approved disability accommodations or arrangements due to extenuating circumstances at the request of deans or chancellors.

For more information, visit the UW-HR public health emergency accommodation page.