Novel coronavirus information

October 1, 2020

UW COVID-19 testing reveals few positives on campus; new outbreak in Greek community (UW News)

The University of Washington’s COVID-19 testing efforts have found few positive cases among residence hall students and students, faculty and staff participating in the Husky Coronavirus Testing program powered by the Seattle Flu Study. Meanwhile, a new outbreak has been identified in the UW Greek community.

Move-in testing for residence hall students was conducted over four days last week, with 1,620 students tested and five positive cases identified. In addition, 1,256 fraternity and sorority members were tested upon moving into their houses with four positive cases identified. Also, the Husky Coronavirus Testing program launched Sept. 24 and has thus far tested more than 1,000 individuals and identified 11 positive cases.

Working with Public Health – Seattle & King County, the UW has also identified a new outbreak in the off-campus Greek community via external testing and programs, including the City of Seattle’s free testing sites. As of late Thursday morning, 104 positive cases have been confirmed among nine fraternity and sorority organizations. Updates on confirmed positive cases due to this outbreak will be provided as they become available.

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