Novel coronavirus information

September 24, 2020

You can now enroll in Husky Coronavirus Testing (Message to faculty and staff)

This message is being sent to all staff, faculty and other academic personnel at the University of Washington, with the exception of UW Medicine clinical personnel.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Husky Coronavirus Testing enrollment is now open. You can spread the coronavirus even if you have no symptoms — so for your health and the health of our community, you’re encouraged to enroll now.

Enroll now

All staff, faculty and other academic personnel who will be at a UW campus or facility for any reason this academic year are strongly encouraged to sign up now for this voluntary program — especially if you’ll be there once per week or more. (UW Medicine clinical personnel will continue to access testing via UW Medicine sites using the employee survey process.)

Testing through the program is fast and free for all students, staff and faculty and other academic personnel.

Thank you for participating in this important effort to protect the health of our community.

The Husky Coronavirus Testing Team