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LinkedIn Masterclass Online Course

UWAA offers the following suite of career development workshops at NO COST to members. Below are details of the five classes they can access on-demand ($299 value) and a live masterclass coming June 14. 

LinkedIn Masterclass ($99 Value): 

 Access a comprehensive LinkedIn Masterclass led by former LinkedIn employees, tailored to both entry-level enthusiasts and mid-career professionals. 

  • Learn insider techniques to optimize your LinkedIn profile and increase visibility to recruiters, regardless of your experience level.  
  • Gain insights into effective networking strategies and advanced LinkedIn features to boost your career prospects.  
  • Benefit from actionable advice and real-world examples from LinkedIn experts to stand out in the competitive job market. 

ChatGPT for Careers ($19 Value): 

Join a webinar on leveraging ChatGPT for career acceleration, led by a former LinkedIn insider and ChatGPT power user. 

  • Discover how AI tools like ChatGPT can transform your job search experience, providing guidance and support at every stage.  
  • Learn techniques to explore different industries, craft tailored application materials, and excel in interviews.  
  • Benefit from engaging sessions and advanced AI prompting techniques to enhance your job-seeking strategies. 

“Build a Resume + Cover Letter That Win Interviews” ($49 Value) 

Access a webinar led by a former recruiter, offering insights into resume and cover letter writing strategies for exceptional results. 

  • Gain insider knowledge on how recruiters evaluate application materials and ATS selection criteria.  
  • Receive a proven resume template and learn the importance of incorporating specific keywords to pass ATS screenings effectively. 
  • Understand the significance of cover letters and craft impactful ones using the Pareto Letter approach.

“Land Your First Tech Job”($99 Value): 

Enroll in a comprehensive course guiding individuals through every stage of securing their first tech job, from resume optimization to interview preparation. 

  • Focuses on practical, actionable tactics rather than theoretical knowledge about the tech industry.  
  • Learn how to leverage specific keywords to attract attention from tech recruiters and master the art of networking for referrals 
  • Access templates for answering common tech interview questions and gain valuable insights to accelerate your career in tech. 

“Find Your Fit”($99 Value): 

Access a step-by-step blueprint designed to assist individuals in finding and positioning themselves for the perfect tech job, regardless of coding experience. 

  • Gain insights into various tech roles beyond coding and receive personalized recommendations based on your skills and preferences.  
  • Learn advanced networking strategies and receive guidance on optimizing resumes and LinkedIn profiles to appeal to tech recruiters. 

The Definitive LinkedIn Bootcamp (live class June 14, $X Value): 

Enroll in a comprehensive LinkedIn Bootcamp led by former LinkedIn Education team leaders, offering foundational and advanced sessions. 

  • Gain essential skills to boost your career on LinkedIn, whether you’re new to the platform or seeking to enhance your proficiency.  
  • Learn advanced techniques to leverage LinkedIn features effectively, including insights into recruiter strategies and search algorithms.  
  • Participate in engaging live sessions with actionable advice, roleplays, and profile optimizations. 

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