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Kauai Handmade Jewelry

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After graduating from the UW Foster School of Business, Alum Stephanie Deng ’09┬ástarted working in the finance and asset management industry. In 2017 while on vacation in Kauai, she was inspired by the simple lifestyle and decided to leave the corporate world behind and made the move two months later. Stephanie immediately fell in love with Kahelelani shells after learning about the history behind them and their worth. She decided to start collecting them for fun, then soon introduced her very first jewelry collection made of these precious shells in 2018. Creating unique pieces has always been very important to her and by teaching herself the traditional stringing methods through trials and errors, she finally perfected her shell lei making skills in 2019– the same year the first brick-and-mortar boutique opened at Coconut Marketplace in Kapaa in 2019. After spending some one-on-one time with a top-notch jeweler and a ton of practice, Stephanie started working with precious metals, pearls, and gemstones alongside shells. Today, some of her favorite designs are made with a combination of shells and metals.

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