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Boon Boona Coffee

UWAA Members receive a 15% discount on coffee, freshly roasted bags of coffee, pastries, bottles of local wines, and cans from great breweries at Boon Boona Coffee

“Boon” and “Boona” are both words that mean “coffee” in different languages of East Africa. And at Boon Boona, we’re committed to sharing the unique coffee and coffee traditions of this region — and to supporting coffee growers and our local community in the process.

Growing up in Seattle, Boon Boona founder and CEO Efrem Fesaha was familiar with the experience of large coffee chains. Coming from an Eritrean family, he also grew up with the traditional coffee ceremony performed by Eritreans and Ethiopians, which is the way that many people from this region prepare their daily cup of coffee.

Returning home with newfound joy and excitement, Efrem set out to put his own mark on the coffee industry. After his initial business plan to open an East African coffee shop was rejected by banks, Efrem didn’t give up, and instead pivoted to sourcing quality green coffee from Ethiopia for East African communities in the U.S.

Today, Boon Boona has formed long-lasting, sustainable relationships with coffee producers, exporters and importers in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, and many more African nations, with a focus on supporting woman-owned growers. This means that we’re not only able to source some of the best coffee from Africa, but we’re also able to share a larger share of our profits directly with the growers, while helping develop the African coffee industry.

In 2021 Efrem Fesaha, CEO of Boon Boona Coffee was invited by Jaebadiah Gardner, MAP Curator to take part in the Short Talks: Power event a collaborative effort by UWAA and Multicultural Alumni Partnership. This introduction by Jaebadiah led to more engagement with the UW, and in the summer of 2022, Paul Rucker of UWAA reached out to Efrem for an introduction and a potential opportunity to build a café within University Book Store. The conversation led to a lease being signed and our doors opening on University Way “Ave” – Feb 13th, 2023.


Check out any of their three locations!

Renton Location: 724 S 3rd Street, Ste. C, Renton, WA 98057

Seattle Location: 1223 East Cherry Street Ste. C121B, Seattle, WA 98122

University Book Store: 4326 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

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