UWAA Membership

UWAA membership

Be a Husky for Life! Connect with your UW community as a UW Alumni Association member. Our pack includes more that 60,000 Huskies who are dedicated in their support for the UW and its community. We invite you to join us!

As UWAA members, we:

  • Make the voice of UW alumni and supporters heard through UW Impact, the UWAA’s legislative advocacy program.
  • Connect generations of Huskies with career-minded programs like UW Husky Landing and Huskies@Work.
  • Create opportunities for students through UWAA scholarships and grants to campus student groups

Student Support | Legislative Advocacy | Career Development

Scholarships, non-partisan legislative advocacy opportunities, and a professional development platform. These are a few of the programs operated through UWAA and supported by our members to provide opportunity and community for our students, alumni and friends.

What our members say:

“I want to contribute, and becoming a member seemed like the best place to start.”
“I feel part of a bigger group, experiencing a sense of loyalty, friendship, and giving back to a great learning institution!”
“The opportunity to represent as a (UW Impact) District Dawg at the legislative level was a career high point.”