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Everyone knows Dawgs run in packs

2016_Membership1 With over 56,000 members, the UWAA is one of the most loyal and most connected alumni communities in the nation. With dozens of events from lectures to movie nights to fun runs, the UWAA is a home for Husky faithful everywhere.

UWAA members are proud of UW and the role it plays in their lives – both on and off campus.  If you value higher education and want to stay connected to the world of ideas, fellowship, fun and spirit you found at the UW, membership is for you.

2016_Membership2Be connected

From summer BBQs across the country to lectures on campus, movie nights to fun runs, UWAA programs and events are perfect for getting together with friends and meeting new ones. Not sure what’s coming up? The UWAA app, monthly newsletters, membergrams and Columns magazine will keep you in the loop. Join now


2016_Membership3Be in the know

Your curiosity didn’t end when you got your degree. UWAA members receive early access to free campus lectures, borrowing privileges at UW Libraries and access to EBSCO online journals. Plus, your monthly newsletters keep you in the loop on the latest opportunities, research findings and fellow alumni. Join now


2016_Membership4Be a champion

The next generation of UW students need our help. UWAA membership dues help support students through mentoring connections, campus activities and scholarships. Dues also fund UW Impact, an official UWAA network that helps people advocate for the UW and higher education in their communities. Join now


2016_Membership5Be proud

UW alumni are proud of their school and the role it plays in their lives— both on and off campus. Membership strengthens your Husky connection and provides great UW benefits at dozens of businesses including Husky Authentic and University Book Store. Many UWAA benefits are available nationwide, so you can take a piece of the UW with you wherever you go. Join now

2016_Membership6Gift memberships

If you know someone who is passionate about the UW, whether or not they’re an alum, welcome them into the 56,000-strong UWAA community with a gift membership! Along with priceless Husky experiences, gift memberships come in a purple box with a membership card, W lapel pin and other Husky goodies. Your purchase is a tax-deductible gift to the UW. We ship anywhere in the U.S. for free.