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Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals

Outreach for Elementary Schools

Department of Applied Mathematics

The Department of Applied Mathematics (AMATH), in an effort to raise the mathematics standards in our public schools, has been involved in the adoption process of an innovative K-6 mathematics curriculum in the Northshore School District. Using Tools for Transformation and NSF funds, the AMATH Outreach Clinic will place a team of trained graduate student mathematics specialists in Northshore for the 1998-99 school year. These students will work in the classrooms in Northshore to provide individualized math content support to teachers and to help ensure the successful implementation of the newly adopted curriculum. Further support for these teachers is provided by the WEB message board at

This program relies on a unique triangular relationship between the AMATH Outreach Clinic, the Northshore School District, and the University Child Development School (UCDS). UCDS is a local independent school that is providing training in the implementation of exemplary mathematics to both the AMATH Clinic graduate students and selected Northshore teachers. At a summer workshop at UCDS, the AMATH Clinic graduate students and Northshore teachers had the opportunity to work together before the school year began. Follow-up workshops and training will be provided by UCDS for this project.

This outreach program marks a significant transformation in the graduate program of Applied Math. We hope to expand this pilot project to other school districts in the community.

Contact: Loyce Adams
Graduate Program Coordinator
Applied Mathematics
Allocation: $80,000
Date Funded: July 1998

Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals