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Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals

Technological Infrastructure in NELC

College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization

The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization (NELC) will undertake the creation and integration of a sustainable and pedagogically oriented technological infrastructure. The infrastructure is designed to increase the capability of teaching less commonly taught languages and related courses and to center the University as a regional and national leader in distance language learning and software development.

The transformation of NELC will take place through the creation of a temporary staff position for training faculty and staff in new technologies, faculty and staff summer training sessions in new technologies, graduate student research assistantships, and several pieces of technological equipment. NELC will integrate these components in an effort to expand and incorporate technological knowledge of NELC’s faculty, staff and students into current NELC software development, distance language learning, and promotional initiatives. NELC also will integrate graduate students as researchers in the development of new language learning technologies.

Each of the components will have a transformative impact in the classroom as well, since they will bear directly on the way in which instructional material is presented. Together, these components represent a fundamental and innovative transformation of NELC’s educational methodology, curriculum and outreach mechanisms.

Contact: Scott Noegel
Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilization
Allocation: $229,690
Date Funded: February 1999

July 2000 Please follow this link to NELC's webpage to view this report.

Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals