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Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals

Law & Society

College of Arts & Sciences, Departments of International Studies, Political Science, Society and Justice, Sociology

Tools resources will be directed toward transforming the antiquated, underfunded Society and Justice undergraduate program into a new, sustainable, more intellectually ambitious program. The program development will: 1) bring together disparate innovative efforts by campus faculty to study law, society, and politics; 2) combine them with already existing efforts to transform the existing Society and Justice program; and 3) provide an institutional infrastructure for new thinking and curriculum development regarding law and social control in the United States, in other nations around the world, and in international settings. While building on existing strengths at the UW in comparative law and politics, criminal justice, and law and society studies, the result will be a new kind of socio-legal studies program that links the best of the old Society and Justice program to cutting edge developments in interdisciplinary socio-legal scholarship. The institutional focus of this transformation will initially be at the undergraduate level, but important development of new research and graduate training endeavors is an important catalyst and outocme of this activity.

To view the webiste for the Law, Societies, and Justice Program, please click here.

Contact: Michael McCann
Professor, Political Science
Allocation: $161,102
Date Funded: February 1999

Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals