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Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals

Innovations in Recruitment and Retention in Science, Math and Engineering

Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Forest Resources, Ocean and Fishery Sciences

This is a collaborative effort between the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Forest Resources, and Ocean and Fishery Sciences to recruit and retain outstanding young people to major in science, math and engineering. This effort will build on successful strategies developed by WISE (Women in Science and Engineering), MESA (Math, Engineering and Science Achievement), MSEP (Minority Science and Engineering Program) and DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology). These strategies include outreach activities, summer programs, advising, tutoring, mentoring and work-based learning opportunities. The project will also collaborate with other on-campus and off-campus organizations to identify and implement best practices in recruitment and retention.

Funds will also provide support for the program manager of the Sciences and Tribes Educational Partnership (STEP) program based in the College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences, and in cooperation with the College of Forest Resources and the Office of Educational Partnerships. The purpose of STEP is to establish a pipeline to provide to Native American students the capability of sustaining environment-based, post-secondary studies. In order to achieve this, the following will be instituted: a four-year biology program to include two years of applied work-study at the Quinault Cook Creek Hatchery; a one-month internship working with Fisheries personnel on the UW camps and at Big Beef Research Center on Hood Canal; and a ten-week internship at the UW to link math instruction with industry internships, during which students will work with University researchers, graduate and undergraduate students in Fisheries and the Program on the Environment.

Contacts: David Hodge, Dean
College of Arts & Sciences
Denice Denton, Dean
College of Engineering
David Thorud, Dean
College of Forest Resources
Arthur Nowell, Dean
College of Ocean & Fishery Sciences
Allocation: $387,514
Date Funded: October, 1999

Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals