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Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals

The Center for Human-information Interaction

The Information School

While information systems and technology are being developed at an accelerated pace, and their use is spreading rapidly, our understanding of how humans interact with information is very limited. As a result, many systems and technologies do not serve their users effectively. The Center for Human-Information Interaction focuses on the study of people in the workplace using the Cognitive Work Analysis framework (CWA), which is one of the few that offer a mechanism to transfer results from an in-depth analysis of human-information interaction directly to design requirements.

The Center collaborates with the Center for Cognitive Systems engineering in Risoe National Laboratory in Denmark, and its principal mission is to conduct basic research and to further develop applications of the Cognitive Work Analysis framework to the design of information systems. Most importantly, the Center will provide instructional programs for students and tool kits for practitioners. In this way, the Center will enrich the educational programs for students at the University of Washington, and facilitate the application of CWA by individual researchers as well as workplace applications in private and public agencies and organizations. In addition, because the framework can address information-interaction in any scientific and scholarly domain, the Center will collaborate with researchers at the University of Washington from various departments.

The Center plays an integral role in the research culture and ongoing transformation of the Information School. It further facilitates collaborative and interdisciplinary work, and it involves students in projects in the community. In addition, both private and public organizations can benefit from the Centerís work through workshops and research projects. This will increase the impact of the research carried out at the Information School.

Contact: Raya Fidel
Professor, The Information School
Allocation: $300,0000
Date Funded: March, 2003

Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals