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Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals

Advanced Arts Technology

College of Arts & Sciences, College of Engineering
Center for Advanced Research Technology in the Arts and Humanities, Schools of Art and Music, and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering

During the past three decades a dramatic evolution in the arts has taken place parallel to those in the sciences and engineering. An exponentially increasing demand for advanced computer-based production, research, and education in the visual and aural domains has changed the face of the arts worldwide. Artists, often working closely with engineers and scientists, are collaborating in and initiating fundamental research while developing new and hybrid art forms, a corpus of new knowledge and a core of practice and theory. This cultural transformation has generated a growing need to train and educate students in the arts and humanities as well as in the sciences and engineering in advanced arts technology concepts and techniques. This project will build upon individual and collaborative work already undertaken in the Center for Advanced Research Technology in the Arts and Humanities, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the School of Art, and the School of Music, over the last several years to lay the foundation that will lead towards a comprehensive path-breaking program in Arts Technology at the UW.

Contacts: Richard Karpen
Professor, Music Composition and Director, CARTAH
Paul Berger
Professor, Photography
Edward Lazowska
Professor and Chair, Computer Science and Engineering
Allocation: $555,392
Date Funded: February 1999

Update, May 2001

Here's a URL for a web page that links to photos of the "Terraform I" installation that we had running a the Henry from last December to April: The Tools funds were essential for this project. Five of the participants (of those listed below two post-docs, two grad students, and a staff person) are funded by Tools.

Progress Report, November 2001

Tools for Transformation in Advanced Arts Technology - A Tools for Transformation grant for Advanced Arts Technology, awarded in 1999 to faculty in Art, Music, and Computer Science and Engineering and administered by CARTAH, supported the temporary addition of post-doctoral artists, staff, and teaching assistants for a two-year period. This pilot project has furthered the accomplishments and reputation of the UW as an emerging leader in the Digital Arts and has led to a successful UIF in Digital Arts.

Some of the activities made possible through the addition of Tools-funded faculty, staff, and operations include:

Student and Post-doctoral Faculty Activities and Recognition

The Tools for Tranformation funded program, built upon upon much collaborative work that preceeded the grant, enabled students and faculty to extend their creative spirit further than had ever been possible at the University of Washington in technology-based art. The results have been recognized, not just on the UW campus, but in the region, nationally, and internationally. The post-docs and students funded by the grant have received wide acclaim for the quality of their art work and the genious of their technological imagination. The seamless passage from Tools for Transformation to the UIF funded Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media puts the UW on center stage in this area of the Arts for years to come.

Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals