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Development and support of Willow is now discontinued. Willow was removed from production at UW on June 30, 1999.

Platform Issues with the Java Willow Applet

Please note that a more modern Java Willow standalone application is also available -- please try it out.

Microsoft Windows
Java Willow seems to run well on almost all modern Java-enabled browsers on Windows95 and WindowsNT platforms. Netscape Navigator version 4.0 and later or Internet Explorer version 4.0 work best. A screen resolution of at least 800x600 is highly recommended. Java Willow will theoretically work under Windows 3.1, but its performance is unacceptable on lower-end machines. If you do not have enough RAM and CPU to run Windows 95, your machine is unlikely to be successful with Java Willow.

Java support in Macintosh versions of Netscape is too buggy to run Java Willow, so you must use Internet Explorer for Mac. In Explorer, you must go to Preferences->Web Browser->Java Setup and select 'Restrict access to non-Java class files', otherwise Explorer will crash when running Java Willow.

It is also recommended that you download and install Apple's MacOS Runtime for Java (this can be used instead of the Java Virtual Machine that is built into Explorer, and it seems somewhat less buggy).

When running under Netscape for Unix, the field-label chooser buttons are a hideous shade of gray, rather than the lovely blue of the background. This is a defect in Netscape's implementation of java.awt.Choice for Unix. Does anybody know of any good replacements?

Connecting from home
If you are using Java Willow via a dial-up connection, we strongly recommend that you use at least a 28.8K modem. University of Washington students, faculty, and staff who wish to connect from home should take a look at the UW Internet Connectivity Kit.

Recent Changes to Java Willow

May 19, 1998
The first beta of the Java Willow standalone application is now available.
November 4, 1997
Basic Mode functionality added.
Sept 25, 1997
The White Paper on Java Willow has been re-written and brought up to date. It explains the motivations, architecture, and future plans for Java Willow
Aug 13, 1997
Replaced images on pushbuttons with meaningful icons.
June 24, 1997
Version 1.0 alpha 2, minor keyboard improvements:
June 11, 1997
Java Willow version 1.0 alpha 1, released for public preview.

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