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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Student Governance and Policies

Scholastic Regulations

Chapter 113


1.  Withdrawal from the University

  A. Voluntary Severance

Withdrawal from the University is voluntary severance by the student of his or her connection with the University for a specified quarter.

  B. Official Notice

Withdrawal from the University is official when a signed written notice of withdrawal is received by the Registrar's Office.

  C. Transcript Entry

University withdrawals received prior to the quarter will result in no entry on the transcript for that quarter.

  D. Withdrawal During the First 14 Days

University withdrawals during the first 14 calendar days of the quarter will result in the student's transcript showing only the date of withdrawal. No courses will be listed.

  E. Withdrawal After the First 14 Days

After the first 14 calendar days of the quarter, an official withdrawal will be entered on the student's record with a grade of W for each course held at the time of withdrawal and the date of the withdrawal.

  F. Last Day to Withdraw

The last day to withdraw from the University will be the last day of instruction in each quarter. No withdrawals can be made once the final examination period has begun.

  G. Summer Quarter

A proportional withdrawal schedule will be printed in the Time Schedule for Summer Quarter a and b terms.

  H. Unofficial Withdrawals

Withdrawals accomplished by any other method are not official, and result in the entry of the grade 0.0 in each course for which the student is registered in that quarter.

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2.  Withdrawal from the University for Military Service

If a student is conscripted into the Armed Forces, or is called to active military duty, he or she may take advantage of military withdrawal from the University under the conditions listed below. Students who voluntarily enlist are subject to the regular withdrawal procedures specified in Section 1 above.

  A. Credit and Refunds for Courses Begun

A student who withdraws may receive credit for courses and refund of fees, under the following schedule:

    1) Withdrawal through the seventh week of the academic quarter: No credit. Full refund.

    2) Withdrawal after the seventh week of the academic quarter: University withdrawal with full refund of fees, or credit with grades reported by instructors as either credit (CR), no credit (NC), or numeric grades (1.7-4.0). Students may elect to have passing numeric grades recorded as reported or to have them recorded as a CR. NC grades will be recorded as withdrawals.

  B. Last Quarter Before Obtaining a Degree

If a student is in his or her last quarter before obtaining a degree from the University, he or she will be granted the degree PROVIDED: that at the beginning of the quarter his or her cumulative grade-point average is high enough for graduation; that his or her degree has been approved by his or her department chair and dean; and that his or her grades for the completed portion of the quarter are 1.7 or greater in each course necessary for graduation. The third proviso may be waived if the withdrawal occurs so soon after the beginning of the quarter that determination of a grade is impossible.

  C. Report Date

The student will be expected to attend classes and withdraw no more than 15 calendar days before his or her date to report for duty.

  D. Duty Requirement

The privilege of military withdrawal will be granted only to students whose induction or enlistment is for extended active duty, not for short-term National guard or Reserve duty, or annual active-duty requirement.

  E. UW Continuum College Courses

The provisions of military withdrawal apply to students enrolled in UW Continuum College classes as well as those in day school.

  F. Authority of Dean or Chair in a Professional College or School

Should the foregoing provisions conflict with standards imposed upon a professional college or school by accrediting or licensing agencies, the dean or chair of the college or school shall approve the conditions of military withdrawal.

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3.  Dropping a Course

  A. Officially Dropping a Course

A drop from a course is voluntary severance by the student of his or her connection with the course. To be official it must be made under the following conditions:

    1) Before the 14th Calendar Day

Courses may be dropped for any reason through the 14th calendar day after the start of the quarter. In some cases, departmental approval will be required. There will be no transcript entry for courses dropped by the 14th calendar day of the quarter.

    2) One Course Per Year, After 14th Calendar Day

A student may drop a maximum of one course each academic year (defined as September through August) after the 14th calendar day of the quarter. This drop is available through the seventh week of the quarter. A grade of W followed by a number indicating the week in which the drop occurred will be recorded for the dropped course. Unused drops do not accumulate from year to year.

    3) Hardship Withdrawal

After the 14th calendar day, a student may petition the Registrar's Office in writing to drop a course. The Registrar will grant such a petition if in his or her judgment the student is unable to complete the course in question because of physical and/or mental debilitation or unusual and extenuating circumstances, beyond the student's control, which have arisen after the 14th calendar day of the quarter. Petitions must be filed with the Registrar's office promptly after the occurrence of the event that gave rise to the need for dropping. Approved drops will be entered on the transcript with a grade of HW.

    4) Withdrawal Through Last Day of Class

A student may drop all courses through the last day of classes by withdrawing from the University for that quarter.

  B. Unofficially Dropped Courses

Drops from a course not officially transacted with the Registrar's Office are not official, and result in a grade of 0.0 (E) for the course.

  C. Summer Quarter

Proportional drop schedules will be publicized in the Time Schedule for Summer Quarter a and b terms.

  D. DL Courses

For DL courses that do not follow the quarter schedule, the drop deadline is the 14th day after the official start of the course. A DL course may be used for the once-yearly drop described in Subsection 3.A, but not within two weeks of the end of the maximum term for completion of the course, as specified at the time of registration. All other provisions of Subsections 3.A3.D apply.

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