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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Presidential Orders

Executive Order

No. II*

Authorization for the Faculty to Share in the Formulation of Rules

By virtue of the authority vested in him or her by the Board of Regents under its resolution of May 19, 1956 (Board of Regents Governance, Bylaws, Article IV) and in conformity with the statutes of the state (RCW 28B.20.020, 28B.20.130(2) and (5), and 28B.20.200), the President authorizes the faculty, acting through the Faculty Senate, the University's faculty councils, and the elected faculty councils of the schools, colleges, and campuses, to share with him or her and the academic deans responsibility for the formulation of rules for the immediate government of the University under such resolutions and executive orders as the Board of Regents and the President from time to time may adopt or issue.

[This order was entitled "Delegation of Rule-Making Powers to the Faculty" 1956 through 1969.] May 31, 1956; June 14, 2012.

* This executive order was originally unnumbered in the University Handbook.

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