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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Faculty Code and Governance

Senate By-Laws

Chapter 31

Senate By-Laws

Section 31-31   Authority

[For authority to enact or amend Senate By-Laws, see Chapter 22, Section 22-76.]

Section 31-32   Senate By-Laws

Rule 1

In all matters of parliamentary procedure not specifically covered by these rules the Senate will follow the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order.

Rule 2

The minutes of all meetings will be approved by the Executive Committee of the Senate but read or revised at a meeting of the Senate only upon the request of a senator to do so.

Rule 3

Relevant actions of the Senate Executive Committee, other than those marked for current consideration, will be reported in the agenda as "Summary of Other Executive Committee Actions of (date)," but will be discussed or explained in a meeting of the Senate only under the agenda item, "Requests for Information," and only upon the request of a member.

Rule 4

During the period for new business, motions involving Class C Senate actions (as defined in Chapter 22, Section 22-71, Subsection C of the Faculty Code) should be made available in written form to every member present either by incorporation in the agenda or by distribution at the meeting.

[Note: Senators are urged to observe the published deadlines in submitting proposals to the Executive Committee for inclusion in the Senate Agenda. Advance mailing of the agenda allows all senators to consider proposals before a Senate meeting and encourages enlightened discussion. Procedures for initiating Class A actions are defined in Chapter 26, and for Class B actions in Chapter 22, Section 22-72 of the Faculty Code.]

At the discretion of the Chair (subject to being overruled by a two-thirds vote of the members present) motions not so presented shall be referred without discussion to the Executive Committee for consideration and recommendation to the next regular meeting of the Senate.

Rule 5

A quorum for each Senate meeting consists of a majority of the voting members, except that voting members who have notified the Secretary of the Faculty prior to a Senate meeting of their inability to attend shall not be included in the determination of a quorum for that meeting.

Reported in Class C Bulletin S-C 187, December 11, 1969; Reported in Class C Bulletin S-C 262, April 2, 1982.