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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Faculty Code and Governance

Councils & Committees

Chapter 44

Faculty Representatives

Section 44-31   Faculty Legislative and Deputy Representatives

A. In accord with Chapter 21, Section 21-42 and Chapter 22, Section 22-34, the Senate shall designate two faculty members to serve respectively as Faculty Legislative Representative and Deputy Faculty Representative. The Senate may, in alternate years during the legislative non-budget sessions, choose whether to appoint a Deputy Legislative Representative. Their duties shall be to represent the faculty in all matters of legislation affecting the University, and, to the extent necessary, to attend sessions of the State Legislature and appear before legislative committees on behalf of the faculty.

B. The Faculty Legislative Representative and the Deputy Faculty Representative shall serve for one-year terms beginning August 1.

C. The Executive Committee shall submit to the Senate at its first Spring Quarter meeting each year one or more nominations for the position of Faculty Legislative Representative and one or more nominations for the position of Deputy Faculty Representative if appropriate. The Senate shall elect the Faculty Legislative Representative and the Deputy Faculty Legislative Representative.

D. If either the office of the Legislative Representative or the office of the Deputy Legislative Representative becomes vacant, the Executive Committee shall submit one or more nominations to the Senate at its first meeting after such vacancy occurs, and the Senate shall elect the replacement to serve for the remainder of the unexpired term.

E. The Faculty Legislative Representative and the Deputy are ex officio members of the Senate Executive Committee, the Senate, the Faculty Council on Faculty Affairs, the Faculty Council on Research, the Faculty Council on University Facilities and Services, the Faculty Council on Tri-Campus Policy, and the Senate Committee on Planning and Budgeting.

S-A 29, June 8, 1964; S-B 118, December 17, 1971; S-B 149, December 5, 1988; S-A 104, April 9, 2001; S-B 171, March 26, 2004: all with Presidential approval; RC, June 1, 2010.

Section 44-32   Spokesman and Representative of the Senate

[For the function of the Senate Chair as spokesperson and representative of the Senate, see Chapter 22, Section 22-54, Subsection E.]

Section 44-33   Special Board to Act Upon Retirement Because of Health

[See Employment and Administrative Policies, Chapter 115, "Retirement," which links to the UWRP plan document and includes a section titled "Retirement Because of Condition of Health."]

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