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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Board of Regents Governance

Regent Policy

No. 60

Statement of Business Equity for the University of Washington

1.  Purpose

The purpose of this statement is to encourage the provision of the maximum practicable, legally allowable contracting and procurement opportunities to a diverse supplier pool that includes local, small, minority- and women-owned businesses; and ensure that inclusiveness and equity of opportunity guide the business practices of the University of Washington.

2.  Scope

This policy applies to all schools, colleges, administrative units, and medical centers on all campuses and is overseen by the Business Diversity Program within the Office of Planning and Management.

3.  Policy

It is the policy of the University of Washington to:

  • Conduct its contracting and procurement activities in a manner that is fully compliant with all applicable state and federal laws and regulatory requirements;

  • Reach out to and engage businesses whose ownership is representative of the richly diverse community we serve;

  • Establish and maintain inclusive contracting and procurement practices that support local, small, minority- and women-owned business engagement;

  • Reach out to and engage with all local, small, women- and minority-owned businesses, whether or not they are state-certified and regardless of their gross revenues;

  • Provide leadership in business equity and inclusion in a way that promotes opportunity, reflects transparency, and supports the economy of the state of Washington;

  • Create and provide a welcoming environment and improve relationships with all suppliers and contractors;

  • Meet the University's need for construction, design, and procurement services at the lowest overall total cost or best value, as applicable, while affording the maximum practicable opportunity to those who wish to become suppliers or contractors for the University; and

  • Maintain high standards of performance based upon equitable, ethical, and professional business practices.

BR, September 10, 2015; [formerly numbered Regent Policy No. 16] July 11, 2019.

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  • Administrative Policy Statement 52.1, "Procurement of Goods and Services"