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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

Visitors and Children in University Laboratories and Shops

(Approved by the Vice President for Health Sciences by authority of Executive Order No. 1)

1.  Policy

As an extension of its educational responsibilities, the University of Washington allows and encourages community representatives, members of the public, and students to visit University facilities. However, because of liability and safety issues, visitations by such groups to laboratories and shops must be under the direct supervision of an authorized faculty or staff member, or University student, or part of a formally organized "Open House," guided tour, or supervised educational program.

More specifically, children are not authorized to visit laboratories and shops, except as a participant in a formally sponsored tour or educational program, or as the guest and under the supervision of a parent who is a University student, faculty, or staff member. Further, as a matter of general University policy, children of University students, faculty, and staff members are not authorized to be in laboratories or shops on either an attended or unattended childcare basis. For the purposes of this policy "children" refers to minors under 18 years of age who are not students or employees of the University.

2.  Responsibilities

The organizational unit chair/director, shop supervisor, or laboratory principal investigator bears primary responsibility for insuring that University students, faculty, and staff members under their direction are aware of and adhere to the policy.

March 1988.