Metrics: Customer Satisfaction


Measuring and improving customer satisfaction is critical to ensuring UW-IT is meeting our mission to enable students, faculty and staff to be more effective. UW-IT strives to be the partner and provider of choice for the UW community, and toward that goal, seeks customer feedback in these ways:

  • Continual customer feedback: Starting in July 2014, UW-IT will send short (two-to-three question) surveys to random individual customers who requested a service or reported an incident. This will provide continuous and immediate feedback so we can respond quickly to customer needs.
  • Annual customer satisfaction survey: This large survey (of at least 2,000 users) is sent to a random sample of UW faculty, staff and students to gather input about satisfaction with UW-IT services and support received for those services. The most recent survey was conducted in 2011; see the archived results. The next survey is scheduled for spring 2015, and will be conducted annually thereafter.

Action Plan

The table below indicates key UW-IT projects underway, as of February 2014, to improve UW-IT Services.

UW-IT Project Description UW-IT Strategic Goal
Kuali Student Curriculum Management Modern Web application providing transparent curriculum approval process; simplified course catalog update process; and a single source for all course and program data for enterprise reporting. Enables Registrar and curriculum administrators to analyze, manage and publish UW's courses and programs. Enable Innovative Teaching and Learning
Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) Central system for digitizing and storing electronic documents; will automate manual, paper-based business processes; enable secure document access; improve record-retention compliance; support better cross-department collaboration; and save paper. Modernize Information & Business Systems
UW Exchange Online (part of MS Office 365) Cloud-based email/calendar service with 50GB of mailbox storage per user; covered by Technology Recharge Fee. Enhance Collaboration
Geographic Redundancy Provides for emergency-related business continuity through ability to operate critical administrative systems from locations outside the Pacific NW seismic area. Provide Superior Infrastructure
HR/P Systems Replacement Integrated, modern system that will transform the infrastructure supporting UW’s workforce; will significantly improve critical HR and payroll functions, strengthen regulatory compliance, deliver better information for decision making, and produce substantial efficiencies and productivity gains for UW units. Modernize Information & Business Systems
IT Service Management Toolset to streamline and improve UW-IT customer service; will support the lifecycle of IT services, create a self-help knowledge base, establish standard terminology for IT issues and address duplicate UW-IT services. Better IT Management (operational efficiency, transparency)
Recruiter 2.0 Recruitment and admissions system offering more integrated approach to recruitment and applicant communications; offers performance tracking and analysis tools and provides greater efficiencies in admissions reviews. Enable Innovative Teaching and Learning
Service/Help Desk Integration UW-IT help desk unification for better, more efficient service, including single-point-of-contact email and phone for customer assistance; will ultimately offer all services 24 x 7 x 365. Better IT Management (operational efficiency, transparency)

Customer Satisfaction Survey Archive

View results from the 2011 UW-IT Customer Satisfaction Survey.