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Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides the structure and processes that ensure business-IT alignment, especially during times of rapid change. EA is all about planning and strategy that results in well-designed, cost-efficient technology solutions.

In a Nutshell:

  • EA creates understanding, effectively communicating to leadership, business stakeholders, funding sources, and solution designers

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  • Business strategies come to the forefront of IT decision making
  • EA provides structure for designing solutions that reduce total cost of ownership
  • EA enables business innovation. Solutions built by applying concepts such as “scalability”, “service oriented” and “strategic” have the best long-term business outcome
  • EA prepares us for technological change. A sound architecture sets the stage to capitalize on the benefits of newer technology

EA at the UW

The University of Washington recognizes that the IT capabilities supporting its business must adapt quickly to meet new challenges and take advantage of future opportunities. Our UW-IT Strategic Plan is a framework in which enterprise architecture will be employed to position the University for the future.

An internal Enterprise Architecture Steering Group (EASG) oversees the direction of the University’s enterprise architecture effort, sponsoring efforts such as the development of EA Guiding Principles and Best Practices to ensure alignment between technology solutions and our business mission and goals.

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Jim Phelps (Chair)
Director of Enterprise Architecture and Strategy, UW-IT
Email | 206-685-2749
UW Mailbox: 354844

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