Pre-Health at the UW

Start to narrow down your area of interests and make yourself a strong candidate.

Course Planning

What classes to take at the UW

Course planning can be confusing. Below are a list of commonly asked questions from students who are interested in pre-health.

UW Specific Planning Guides

Download an undergraduate planning guide to help you with your course planning.

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Career-Specific Planning Guides

Review planning guides with sample academic schedules and prerequisite courses

Click on your profession of interest to learn about the courses you will need to take in preparation for your application to professional school.

  • The recommendations provided here are generalized to be most applicable to the greatest number of schools within a particular profession.
  • Specific requirements will vary by school.

Unsure where to start?

You can always start with your academic adviser. Your adviser can help you with:

  • Which courses you need for your chosen health professional school and when to take them
  • How to choose the major that is the best fit for you
  • How to combine major requirements with pre-health requirements

What Health Professional Schools Look For

Professional schools are looking for more than strong grades

These 4 key categories can help you stand out as a well rounded applicant.

What professional schools are looking for - 2 minute video

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