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Learn about different health careers and involvement opportunities that can keep you on track to apply for health care professions.

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Find the right health career, compare salaries, how much school is required, and what programs are offered here at the UW! is a collaboration between today's health professionals and leading health care associations. You will find the latest health career information and tools to guide you as you prepare for a future in health care. This site can help you:

Courses to Explore Pre-Health

These courses can help you explore your interest in pre-health. Please note these are not prerequisite courses.

Pre-health 101

This seminar is offered every fall quarter and is an introduction to careers in the health professions. This 1 credit seminar is graded as credit/no credit and will cover the following content:

  • Identify your Dependable Strengths
  • Gaining Clinical Exposure
  • Enhancing Academic Performance
  • Course and Major Planning
  • Demonstrating Leadership
  • Connecting to Research Opportunities
  • Striving for Balance

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Health Disparities Courses

Health professional programs look for applicants who have developed their interpersonal and cultural competencies including:

  • demonstrate knowledge of socio-cultural factors that affect interactions and behaviors
  • show an appreciation and respect for multiple dimensions of diversity
  • engage diverse and competing perspectives as a resource for learning, citizenship
  • work and interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds as students and graduates of their programs.

While there are many ways to engage in these areas, below is a complied list of courses that introduce and encourage further study in topics surrounding population health.

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Health Related Organizations and Opportunities

Participation in organizations is not a requirement for health professional programs, however, getting involved can help you get connected, build skills and find opportunities.