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May 1, 2018

Welcoming new students to our international community


Recently, the UW’s Seattle campus has been building on longstanding orientation efforts to increase support for students with diverse experiences of transition, including international and first generation students. Welcoming these students — often less familiar with U.S. university environments and most in need of support — has meant both evolving existing partnerships and creating new…

Connecting Huskies through international relationships

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Two new programs connect domestic and international students for bonding and cultural exchange to build a more inclusive, global UW. Unite UW Connecting international and domestic students How do we create more opportunities for international and domestic students to meet, socialize and connect? In 2015, staff in the Division of Student Life focused on this…

Accessing the global: New models for study abroad

20170831_GLOBAL AFFAIRS_ROME_04641

  “Expanding our offerings to include courses with an embedded, short-term study abroad component are an important way to increase access and equity in global learning.” — Gayle Christensen, associate vice provost for Global Affairs   Thousands of UW students have had life-changing experiences all around the world with study abroad — but many students…

Global learning through doing: High-impact experiences


The UW offers a myriad of paths to high-impact global experiences for students: from service projects with international communities to internships in the global workforce; from conducting international research to serving our diverse student body through student organizations or government. And some students create brand new paths toward more intercultural engagements at the UW. These…

Teaching and learning in our international classrooms


Traveling abroad isn’t the only way to gain cross-cultural competency, for students or for teachers. Faculty are exploring new methods to connect UW students with peers in different parts of the world, without leaving campus. Meanwhile, the Center for Teaching and Learning is developing new ways to support international instructors and leverage our international classrooms….

February 29, 2016

Husky Presidential Ambassadors

Husky Presidential Ambassadors

Universities across the nation are working to further connect international students and create a globally engaged campus environment for all students. Increasing globalization also raises the demand for graduates with increased competencies in cross-cultural communication and practice. Engaging together in cross-cultural leadership studies, undergraduates learn to think and connect across boundaries, enhancing all students’ Husky Experience. Learning from a pilot orientation program…

February 26, 2016

University 101

U101 Screenshot

Many of the more than 8,000 first-year students who enroll on the Seattle campus will experience an in-person Advising and Orientation (A&O) Session, organized by First Year Programs (FYP). Operating within Undergraduate Academic Affairs, FYP is dedicated to facilitating transitions for all new undergraduate students. Through A&O, new students receive important information that prepares them to be successful and to make the…

UW Bothell’s Husky Leadership Camp

UW Bothell Students at Husky Leadership Camp

Orientation & Transition Programs at UW Bothell offers incoming students multiple ways to begin their university journey. Its award-winning Husky Leadership Camp (HLC) is one such choice that uses leadership as an organizing concept to bring together students from all backgrounds before they begin their courses in the fall. “I think the whole camp is…

GRDSCH 200: Preparing for graduate education

Issa Abdulcadir, pre-doctoral instructor in sociology, teaching a group of undergraduate students

GRDSCH 200 is a course designed to help undergraduate students ask and answer the questions about graduate and professional school that will help them find the path that’s right for them, whether they decide to pursue an advanced degree at the UW or look into other options. It offers an overview of the structure and organization of graduate education, and focuses…

UW Tacoma’s Transfer Peer Advisers

Group of UW Tacoma's Transfer Peer Advisors

“Near-peer” programs in which advanced students advise, mentor and support new students are tried and true elements of many orientation and transition programs across the country. This can be especially helpful in orienting transfer students, helping them be as efficient as possible with their time on campus before graduating. Keeping stride with this best practice,…

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