Registration at UW

Registration Restrictions


Registration at the University of Washington is a Web-based service, available on MyUW. All students1 at the University who remain in good standing and in compliance with other rules and regulations, with no outstanding financial obligations, are guaranteed the opportunity to register each quarter as long as they maintain2,3 continuous enrollment. Continuation must be in the same classification, e.g., undergraduate, postbaccalaureate (fifth-year), graduate, etc. Once a student earns a baccalaureate degree, he or she must apply for admission as a post baccalaureate (fifth-year), nonmatriculated, or graduate student.

Exceptions to the guarantee are:

  1. students under disciplinary action,
  2. students with a registration hold,
  3. students not meeting their departmental continuation policies, or
  4. students not meeting the University's satisfactory progress policy.

You will not be eligible to register if you have an outstanding debit on your tuition and fee account, (check your account on MyUW). Contact the Student Account Office and pay any fees due, in order to register.

  1. The MyUW registration service is not available:
    • for students in programs administered by Educational Outreach
    • for courses offered through Educational Outreach
  2. Summer quarter excepted
  3. See Quarter-Off Eligibility Policy

Graduating Senior Priority

If you are a graduating senior or post-baccalaureate student with a degree application on file in the Graduation and Academic Records Office, you may register on the first day of Registration Period I for your final two quarters. If you must postpone your graduation, you may save your priority quarters by not registering before your regular senior priority day. When you have used your Graduating Senior Priority for two quarters, you will revert to regular senior priority.

Placement Tests


All incoming freshmen are required to take the Mathematics Placement Test if they plan to take any of the following math courses:

  • MATH 111 Algebra with Applications
  • MATH 120 Pre-calculus
  • MATH 124 Calculus with Analytic Geometry
  • MATH 144 Calculus for the Biological Sciences

Most students interested in science, engineering, business, and medicine take math their first quarter.

Which Placement Test Should I take?

  • Intermediate Mathematics Placement Test if you intend to start college mathematics with MATH 120 Pre-calculus or MATH 111 Algebra with Applications. The Intermediate test will give you the opportunity to place into MATH 098, 111, or 120.
  • Advances Mathematics Placement Test if you intend to start college mathematics study with the first quarter of a calculus series. Also, if you earned A and B grades in a solid three- to four-year program of college-preparatory mathematics—including pre-calculus, math analysis, and/or calculus—you should take the Advanced test. The Advanced test will give you the opportunity to place into MATH 089, 111, 120, 124, or 144.

Additional information on Mathematics Placement Testing is available by visiting the Academic Placement Testing Programs web site.

Foreign Language

Most student need to take one year or more of college foreign language to complete their degree. For instance, students graduating from the college of Arts and Sciences need to complete the third-quarter level of foreign language. Students in certain majors, such as international studies or French, need to complete more than a year. Students in Business Administration and Engineering, however do not have a foreign language requirement for graduation. If you are uncertain whether or not you should take a foreign language, or whether you will be required to take one, consult an adviser at your Advising and Registration session.

Priority Registration Dates for Continuing Students

Currently enrolled undergraduate students or undergraduate students who are quarter-off eligible, should register according to the Priority Registration Schedule. Priority registration dates are based on your completed credits, your currently registered courses (as of two days prior to the first day of registration), and the last digit of your student number. The student number priority is changed each quarter so that all students have the earliest possible priority every other quarter.

Registration and Transcript Holds

A Hold may prevent you from either registering or prevent the release of your academic records (including your diploma and transcript). A Registration or Transcript Hold is placed on your student record if you have an outstanding financial obligation to the University or have not met a particular enrollment requirement. You will receive written notification from the department placing a Hold on your student record. (Please be sure your address is current.)

A Hold is not removed until you resolve the problem which caused the issuing department to place the Hold on your record. A department may place a financial Hold if you owe money and have not paid. For instance, a department may check out a room key to you. If you fail to return the key, the department will put a financial Hold on your record. The Hold will remain until you return the key or pay to have it replaced. A department may also place an academic Hold on your student record. For instance, once a student has completed 105 credits at the University, the Office of the Registrar will place a Registration Hold until you have either declared a major area of study or you have requested a pre-major extension.

Some departments place Holds directly on the Student Data Base. Other departments request the Office of the Registrar to place their Holds for them. In this latter circumstance, the department will need to contact the Office of the Registrar to release your Hold. Be sure to check when you clear your Hold on how long it will take the department to have the Hold removed.

A Registration and Transcript Hold is automatically placed on your student record if you are canceled for non-payment. This Hold will prevent you from registering or adding additional courses, getting either an unofficial or official transcript, or reapplying as a returning student. The Hold is automatically removed once your balance is paid in full.

Registration Assistance

If you are having difficulty registering, call the Registration Office, and a staff member will assist you.

Repeating Courses

With the approval of the academic department offering the course, an undergraduate may repeat a course once. Both the original grade and the second grade are computed in the GPA but credit is allowed only once. Veterans receiving benefits must receive approval from the Office of Special Services before a course is repeated.

Courses considered to have been taken once include any with a numerical grade or those with grades of I, CR/NC, or S/NS. Withdrawn or dropped courses and courses with X or no grade reported will not count as the first taking of a course. If you are currently enrolled in a course, registration for the same course in the following quarter will be counted as a repeat registration.

Effective winter quarter 2005, departments may restrict undergraduates from repeat registration into courses. Restrictions may include:

  • only allowing registration after Period I
  • only allowing registration after the quarter has begun, or
  • requiring an Entry Code for a repeat registration

A second repeat (taking a class for a third—or greater—time) cannot be done using MyUW. A second repeat requires the department to register you into the course. Grades in the third or subsequent takings will not be included in the grade-point average (GPA).