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Division of Social and Historical Stdy

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T WOMN 101 Introduction to Women's Studies (5) I&S
MyPlan Course Details: T WOMN 101 (student access only)

T WOMN 205 Introduction to Masculinities (5) I&S
Examines the key concepts of masculinities studies, analyzes the roles that men adopt, and explores how these roles are implicated in the development of male identity. Also explores the diversity of masculinities within American society.
MyPlan Course Details: T WOMN 205 (student access only)

T WOMN 250 Seminar in Service Learning: A Feminist Approach (5) I&S
Introduces students to a variety of different Tacoma agencies and requires them to participate in service projects that connect feminist theory to work being done in the community by local organizations. Uses blogs, wikis, and other new media to facilitate online reflection and class discussion.
MyPlan Course Details: T WOMN 250 (student access only)

T WOMN 251 Popular Culture and Gender (5) I&S, DIV
Introduces the ways in which masculinity and femininity are produced through popular culture. Analyzes cultural product such as movies, advertisements, images, books, toys, etc. to understand how gender is constructed, how these constructions become cultural norms, and how these popular assumptions about gender impact our own lives.
MyPlan Course Details: T WOMN 251 (student access only)

T WOMN 302 Research Methods in Women Studies (5) I&S
Explores appropriate research methodologies for interdisciplinary work in women studies. Examines current debates and issues in feminist methodologies and critiques of methodology. Use of historical documents and theoretical texts. Computer applications in research in women studies.
MyPlan Course Details: T WOMN 302 (student access only)

T WOMN 345 Women and Work in the United States (5) I&S
Studies the fundamental changes and continuities in women's work lives in the context of U.S. economic development. Examines multiplicity and diversity of women's work contributions, both paid and unpaid. Highlights both the commonalties among women's work experiences and the differences with regard to life-cycle stage, occupation, and race/ethnicity.
MyPlan Course Details: T WOMN 345 (student access only)

T WOMN 347 History of Women in the United States (5) I&S
Surveys the history of women in the United States from the 1600s to the present. Explores social, political, and economic forces that have shaped women's lives, and the diversity of women's experiences rooted in class, race, and ethnicity. Considers the contributions of women's history to the larger discipline of history.
MyPlan Course Details: T WOMN 347 (student access only)

T WOMN 420 Women in the Global Economy (5) I&S
Explores impact of "modernization" and "development" on status and roles of women in selected Western and non-Western societies. Critical analysis of assumptions about women's responses to social change which have guided research, development planning. Examines cultural practices, economic arrangements, government policies to understand opportunities and obstacles confronting women in developing countries today.
MyPlan Course Details: T WOMN 420 (student access only)

T WOMN 434 Women's Voices: Third-World Testimonials (5) I&S
Explores the "testimonials" of women from selected regions in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Examines women's voices in testimonial, autobiographical, biographical, ethnographic, and fictional literature. Discusses historical and sociological significance of women's '"testimonials'. Explores issues of race/ethnicity, class, and gender.
MyPlan Course Details: T WOMN 434 (student access only)