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T SUD 222 Introduction to Sustainability (5) I&S
Provides an introduction to the global goal of sustainability and surveys policies and techniques associated with current sustainability initiatives in diverse metropolitan environments. Includes a discussion of scientific debates; conflicts within and between societies at different levels of economic development; key policy arenas for action; and common methods used to further sustainability values.
MyPlan Course Details: T SUD 222 (student access only)

T SUD 240 The City and Nature (5) I&S Pendras
Examines connections between urban and environmental conditions by investigating the social and material production of urban nature. Challenges conceptual barriers between nature and the city that have evolved over time and considers new strategies for achieving both environmental sustainability and social justice in the city.
MyPlan Course Details: T SUD 240 (student access only)

T SUD 323 Sustainable Urban Development Policies (5) I&S
Examines how public policy mechanisms are used to support and accomplish sustainability through the interweaving of social equity, economic prosperity, and environmental protection. Encourages the development of both critical and constructive perspectives on policies of sustainability.
MyPlan Course Details: T SUD 323 (student access only)

T SUD 333 Assessment and Evaluation of Urban Sustainability (5) I&S
Examines concepts and methods for evaluating urban sustainability. Includes footprint analysis, climate planning, alternative indicators, and case studies. Students conduct assessments and develop capacity to create evaluation metrics.
MyPlan Course Details: T SUD 333 (student access only)

T SUD 425 Social Justice and Urban Sustainability (3) I&S
Examines sustainable urban development from a social justice perspective. Draws from key theories and practices to explore how and why to incorporate social justice into sustainable urban development politics and policies and the challenges facing such efforts.
MyPlan Course Details: T SUD 425 (student access only)

T SUD 444 Green Internationalism and the City (5) I&S
Explores the influence of global ecological politics on urban policy and development as well as the impacts that new forms of urbanization have on global ecological politics. Interrogates key interdisciplinary debates within global political economy, political ecology, and urban studies.
MyPlan Course Details: T SUD 444 (student access only)

T SUD 445 Urban Ecology (5) I&S
Multidisciplinary approach to the study of dynamic interactions among human and ecological systems in urban settings. Covers processes of urbanization and urbanization's impacts on the earth's ecology. Specific themes include how socioeconomic factors and human preferences drive urban patterns and how these patterns affect ecological processes and cause ecological change.
MyPlan Course Details: T SUD 445 (student access only)

T SUD 475 Community and Economy (5) I&S Pendras
Explores the connections between economic practices and local community development under conditions of global, political, and economic interconnectedness. Critically examines the spatial character of capitalist economic behavior and considers a range of challenges confronting efforts to build sustainable and equitable local economies.
MyPlan Course Details: T SUD 475 (student access only)

T SUD 493 Sustainable Urban Development Capstone Seminar (5)
Students work with a faculty member to develop research topics for independent research and capstone writing relating to sustainable urban development, with regular faculty interaction. Prerequisite: T GIS 311 or TMATH 110; one 400-level T SUD course.
MyPlan Course Details: T SUD 493 (student access only)

T SUD 494 Sustainable Urban Development Research (1-5, max. 15)
Individual research projects in urban sustainability carried out under the supervision of an Urban Studies faculty.
MyPlan Course Details: T SUD 494 (student access only)

T SUD 498 Sustainable Urban Development Internship (3-5, max. 15)
Provides opportunities to gain experience and apply concepts taught through the Sustainable Urban Development curriculum. Involves learning skills and applying knowledge by working directly with public, non-profit, and private sector organizations concerned with urban sustainability issues. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: T SUD 498 (student access only)