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T MKTG 348 Social Marketing (5) I&S
Focuses on the preservation or enhancement of individual and social well-being. Applies marketing principles within a social context to public agencies and nonprofit institutions. Prerequisite: T BUS 320.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 348 (student access only)

T MKTG 355 Professional Sales (5)
Examines the modern way to sell via a relationship process, emphasizing skills for success as a field sales representative. Analyzes the steps in the selling process in detail. Encourages competencies in flexibility, strategic thinking, and communication. Prerequisite: T BUS 300; T BUS 320.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 355 (student access only)

T MKTG 425 Advertising (5)
Explores the creative processes used in the field of advertising. Topics include advertising copywriting, art direction, production and media selection. Provides exposure to advertising theory with a focus on practical application in the industry. Emphasizes problem-solving, communication, strategic thinking and teamwork skills.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 425 (student access only)

T MKTG 430 Retailing (5) VLPA, QSR
Examines how retailers run the business. Investigates retail store location, merchandise management, store layout, buying, stock control, customer service and relationship management, pricing, coordination of store activities, policies and systems, and promotion programs. Emphasizes strategic and operational complexities of retailing.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 430 (student access only)

T MKTG 440 Business Marketing (5)
Examines the process by which businesses are served by other businesses. Includes analyzing existing business relationships to identify problems and opportunities, developing and modifying products, establishing and managing relationships, setting prices, and undertaking promotional efforts, especially personal selling. Presents a strategic focus from a managerial perspective. Emphasizes communication, strategic thinking, problem-solving and flexibility skills. Prerequisite: T BUS 320.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 440 (student access only)

T MKTG 445 Service Marketing (5)
Examines new marketing tools and ideas specifically applicable within the service industry where organizations require a distinctive approach to the development and execution of marketing strategies. Emphasizes strategic thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. Prerequisite: T BUS 320.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 445 (student access only)

T MKTG 450 Consumer Marketing (5) I&S
Examines social science and consumer behavior research for concepts and principles that marketers can use to better understand customers and meet their needs. Applies insights gained from the disciplines of sociology, anthropology and psychology to real-world marketing situations. Emphasizes problem-solving, communication and strategic thinking skills.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 450 (student access only)

T MKTG 460 Research Methods (5)
Explains the research process including problem definition, research design, questionnaire construction, sample selection, interviewing and data analysis. Involves field application of course knowledge along with written and oral reports. Emphasizes problem solving, flexibility and communication skills. Prerequisite: T BUS 320.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 460 (student access only)

T MKTG 471 Ecommerce (5)
Examines how Internet technologies transform the conduct of business both within and between organizations. Introduces the technical architecture and business principles that underlie the ecommerce phenomenon. Explores the implications of the evolving technologies for managerial decision making, organizational strategies, industry structures, and public policy. Prerequisite: T BUS 320; T BUS 330.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 471 (student access only)

T MKTG 475 Marketing Strategy (5)
Provides a comprehensive framework for the development of competitive marketing strategies that achieve organizational goals and objectives and build competitive advantage. Includes all the activities and procedures necessary to develop a marketing plan, including the implementation, evaluation, and control of a firm's marketing dynamics. Prerequisite: T BUS 320.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 475 (student access only)

T MKTG 480 International Marketing (5)
Extends basic marketing knowledge by examining the marketing strategies and tactics of companies that do business across borders. Topics include how firms research, identify, and enter international markets, and develop global marketing strategies. Prerequisite: T BUS 320.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 480 (student access only)

T MKTG 490 Special Topics in Marketing (5, max. 15)
Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in T BUS 320.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 490 (student access only)

T MKTG 520 Services Marketing (4)
Explores the unique challenges of managing services and delivering service quality that lead to customer satisfaction. Examines methodologies available for measuring, analyzing and designing services. Investigates the role of marketing in attracting customers and shaping customer expectations. Prerequisite: TBUS 504.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 520 (student access only)

T MKTG 560 Managerial and Marketing Research (4)
Examines research design, data collection, and data interpretation as critical elements of diagnosing organizational, managerial, and marketing problems. Provides practical and theoretical insights into gathering information about organizational problems and opportunities. Prerequisite: T BUS 504.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 560 (student access only)

T MKTG 580 International Marketing (4)
Examines the marketing strategies and tactics of companies that conduct international business. Explores how firms identify, research, and enter international markets, and the process used to develop global marketing strategies that are appropriate for those markets. Prerequisite: T BUS 504.
MyPlan Course Details: T MKTG 580 (student access only)