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T INFO 200 Programming II for Information Technology and Systems (5) NW, QSR
Examines programming using traditional and visual development environments to learn event-driven, object-oriented design with emphasis on software development best practices for effective software maintenance and modernization. Prerequisite: TCSS 142.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 200 (student access only)

T INFO 210 Foundations of Information Management (5) QSR
Examines the fundamental concepts involved in industry based database design, administration, and usage. Topics include information retrieval, database administration, database models, design theory, database security, and database driven application programming.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 210 (student access only)

T INFO 220 Foundations of Human Computer Interaction for Information Technology and Systems (5) I&S
Examines the principles of human computer interaction. Studies issues of computer and system design more holistically with an emphasis on how such systems can be improved through proactive designs. Topics include human factors, human-centered computing and evaluation, effective interfaces, accessibility, legal issues, and social and organizational context.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 220 (student access only)

T INFO 250 Foundations of Information Networking (5) QSR
Explores computer networking and telecommunications fundamentals including LANs, WANs, Intranets, and the World Wide Web. Studies data communication concepts, models, and protocols. Practices installation, configuration, systems integration, and management of infrastructure technologies.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 250 (student access only)

T INFO 310 Foundations of Information Assurance (5) QSR
Studies the need for information security policies, standards, and procedures. Topics include: trust models; security policy design and incident response; and tools and techniques to defend against, react to, and recover from a cyber attack.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 310 (student access only)

T INFO 360 Information Systems Analysis and Design (5) QSR
Examines concepts and techniques for analyzing and designing software systems to meet maintenance and modernization requirements such as changes of business logics, integration, and computing paradigms. Topics include software aging, reengineering, modeling, pattern, process, and cases.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 360 (student access only)

T INFO 370 Managing Technical Teams (5) I&S
Examines current topics and issues associated with study and practice of iterative and incremental development and project team management with emphasis on practical project experience. Studies topics like modeling computing projects through the discovery/invention/implementation cycle; learning, experiencing, and obtaining feedback on group dynamics; collaborative relationships; and conflict management.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 370 (student access only)

T INFO 390 Undergraduate Seminar in Information Technology and Systems (2, max. 12)
Enhances problem-solving skills. Includes lectures and problem sessions in mathematics, programming, problem solving, and ITS applications. Credit/no-credit only.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 390 (student access only)

T INFO 431 Server Side Web Applications (5)
Examines selected topics in technology for client/server application, paying particular attention to client/server interactions on the WWW. Studies topics like multi-tier architecture, application server, database server, database middleware, forms, client-side programming, server-side programming, Component-Based Design (CBD), database programming for web application, rich client programming, and web services.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 431 (student access only)

T INFO 441 Network Security (5) QSR
Covers cryptographic methods including public and private key algorithms. Examines protocols that utilize secure email, digital signatures, authorization, e-voting, and electronic cash. Examines the fundamentals of security issues arising from computer networks. Includes lab component for demonstration of security techniques such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and virtual private networks. Prerequisite: T INFO 310.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 441 (student access only)

T INFO 442 Computer Security (5) Bai, Chung, Syberg
Discusses the theoretical and practical issues surrounding computer security and data protection. Explores formal models of encryption and authentication. Examines operating system and program security with vulnerabilities analyses. Includes a lab component for demonstrating computer security techniques such as malware analysis, and access control. Prerequisite: T INFO 310.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 442 (student access only)

T INFO 443 Digital Forensics (5) NW Bai, Chung, Syberg
Explores the many facets of computer forensics and network security. Examines intrusion detection, evidence collection and presentation, network auditing, and network security policy design and implementation. Examines the issues and facilities available to the intruder and data network administrator and incorporates hands-on exercises. Prerequisite: T INFO 310.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 443 (student access only)

T INFO 451 Routing and Switching (5) Bai, Chung, Wilson
Examines design and implementation methods of TCP/IP internetworks. Demonstrates techniques for connecting computers in a network and connecting separate networks to form an inter-network. Investigates bridging and switching concepts as well as routing protocols and algorithms. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.0 in both T INFO 320 and T INFO 250.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 451 (student access only)

T INFO 452 System Administration (5)
Explores system administration topics, focusing on platform integration, directory, authentication, user support services, and security issues. Examines concepts and utilize techniques in user and group administration, directory services, electronic system update and maintenance, backup and restoration strategies and techniques, integrated mass storage technologies, and alternative client technologies. Prerequisite: ITS core courses.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 452 (student access only)

T INFO 453 Wireless Networking (5)
Examines the fundamental principles underlying wireless communications and networking. Topics include wireless transmission principles, protocols, satellite communications, cellular wireless networks, cordless systems, mobile IP, and wireless networking technologies, including IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth standards.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 453 (student access only)

T INFO 461 Organizational Information Assurance (5) I&S
Examines information assurance by exploring the most current methods for securing information and systems from policies and procedures to technologies and audit in the context of the cloud. Topics include fundamental aspects, security mechanism, operational issues, policy, attacks, security domains, forensics, information states, security services, treat analysis, and vulnerabilities.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 461 (student access only)

T INFO 462 Building an Information Risk Management Toolkit (5) I&S
Examines current/emerging topics and issues associated with risk management of information technology and systems. Studies topics like security risk in a business and an IT context, security risk assessment models, risk assessment processes, risk-based decisions and consensus, incorporation of risk assessment, and an IT security plan.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 462 (student access only)

T INFO 463 Establishing and Managing Information Assurance Strategies (5) I&S
Examines real case studies to expand on fundamental aspects of information assurance, including security mechanism, operational issues, policy attacks, security domains, forensics, information states, security services, threat analysis, and vulnerabilities.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 463 (student access only)

T INFO 482 Senior Project (5)
Focuses on detail, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance, and demonstration of the capstone design project. Requires written and oral reports and creation of a final project binder.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 482 (student access only)

T INFO 490 Special Topics in Information Technology and Systems (1-5, max. 10)
Examines current topics and issues associated with information technology and systems.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 490 (student access only)

T INFO 497 Internship in Information Technology and Systems (1-10, max. 10)
Gives experience working in real-world information technology environment. Demonstrates how the life cycle of information technology and systems such as maintenance, modernization, replacement, etc. is conducted within an organization. Topics are carried into Senior Project II in ITS. Prerequisite: T INFO 310.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 497 (student access only)

T INFO 498 Directed Readings (1-5, max. 10)
Facilitates pursuit of knowledge in a specific area through readings of technical publications as specified in an agreement with the faculty supervisor. Prerequisite: T INFO 310.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 498 (student access only)

T INFO 499 Undergraduate Research (1-5, max. 10)
Provides opportunities to pursue research in a specific area that is of interest. Gives experience specifying, designing, implementing, and evaluating a research project. Prerequisite: T INFO 310.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 499 (student access only)

T INFO 502 Information Assurance, Cyber-security, and Risk Management in Context (4) Popovsky
Examines the concepts, processes, and skills related to risk management in information assurance involving risk assessment, risk analysis, and mitigation planning. Analysis of the risk management process through several structured approaches that facilitate information assurance decision-making.
MyPlan Course Details: T INFO 502 (student access only)