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T GIS 311 Maps and GIS (6) NW, QSR
Introduction to map interpretation and basic spatial analysis through the use of geographic information systems (GIS). Emphasizes developing, through hands-on experience, a fundamental understanding of GIS and the technical expertise necessary for applying GIS in a variety of scenarios such as environmental science, urban planning, nursing, social work, and business.
MyPlan Course Details: T GIS 311 (student access only)

T GIS 312 Intermediate GIS (6) NW
Examines GIS techniques that range from spatial analysis using vector and raster data models, to the analysis of three dimensional surfaces in urban space. Prerequisite: T GIS 311.
MyPlan Course Details: T GIS 312 (student access only)

T GIS 313 Applied GIS and Project Design (3) NW
Exposes real-world applications of geographic information systems. Discussion centers on the implantation of a GIS and strategies students might take as they begin planning for their own GIS project. Prerequisite: T GIS 311.
MyPlan Course Details: T GIS 313 (student access only)

T GIS 414 Advanced Applications of GIS (5) NW
Applies GIS techniques through case studies of social, economic, and environmental issues in the Puget Sound region. Introduces new techniques in basic programming for GIS, using ArcGIS ModelBuilder, and the advanced use of GPS devices. Prerequisite: T GIS 312; T GIS 313.
MyPlan Course Details: T GIS 414 (student access only)

T GIS 415 Critical Theory and GIS Practicum (5) NW
Explores the foundational debates that have impacted the evolution of geospatial software, technique, and methodology. Concurrent with these readings and discussions, projects designed in T GIS 313 are fully implemented and results are prepared for digital and print presentation. Prerequisite: T GIS 312; T GIS 313.
MyPlan Course Details: T GIS 415 (student access only)

T GIS 501 GIS Customization and Automation (5)
Provides a foundation in the tools and techniques that are required to customize and automate geographic information systems. Prepares students to interact with mobile and web-based geospatial data and applications in subsequent courses. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: T GIS 501 (student access only)

T GIS 502 Introduction to Geospatial Technology (5)
Provides an introduction and overview of the role that geospatial technologies play in contemporary urban and environmental planning scenarios. Focuses on the applications and techniques that are core elements of the graduate program in Geospatial Technologies. Offered: A.
MyPlan Course Details: T GIS 502 (student access only)