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T GH 203 Themes in Global Honors (5)
Explores connections between the local and global, and between the individual, the community, and the world, through a given theme. Draws on broad interdisciplinary and international perspectives.
MyPlan Course Details: T GH 203 (student access only)

T GH 300 Re-Orienting the Global (2) I&S McMillin
Provides historically grounded introduction to such concepts as cultural imperialism, colonialism, post colonialism, capitalism, and globalization. Examines relevance of concepts in current global affairs. Provides information on study abroad and service-learning opportunities, as well as expectations of the Global Honors Program.
MyPlan Course Details: T GH 300 (student access only)

T GH 301 Global Honors (5) I&S
Examines the major intellectual and political movements that marked the human experience in the 20th century. Examines nationalism, fascism, and other political philosophies, as well as governments' relationships to the natural environment and to one another.
MyPlan Course Details: T GH 301 (student access only)

T GH 302 Global Imaginations (5) VLPA
Accommodates the study of major themes, concepts, trends or techniques that permeate world literature, visual arts, music, dance, theatre and other forms of creative expression. The specific art forms and issues examined vary. Also considers marginalized forms of aesthetic expression that have generated cross-cultural debate about modern concepts of "art" and their relation to diverse forms of meaning and value.
MyPlan Course Details: T GH 302 (student access only)

T GH 303 Global Challenges (5) I&S
Examines major challenges facing the world in the 21st century. Covers contemporary issues as economic development, poverty and the distribution of resources, ecological concerns, public health, global conflict, nationalism, race, religion, and human rights.
MyPlan Course Details: T GH 303 (student access only)

T GH 399 Global Honors Study Abroad (3-15, max. 15)
Offered: AWSpS.
MyPlan Course Details: T GH 399 (student access only)

T GH 490 Research Methods Seminar (2)
Methods seminar required for seniors in the Global Honors program who are preparing their senior thesis or project. Prerequisite: T GH 301; T GH 302; T GH 303. Offered: AW.
MyPlan Course Details: T GH 490 (student access only)

T GH 491 Thesis Symposium (1)
Corequisite: T GH 494. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: W.
MyPlan Course Details: T GH 491 (student access only)

T GH 494 Thesis or Project for Global Honors - (4-5, max. 10)
Research and completion of a thesis or project approved and supervised by a full-time UWT faculty member on a significant scholarly topic, for students admitted to the Global Honors Program. Prerequisite: T GH 301; T GH 302; T GH 303; T GH 490. Offered: AWSpS.
MyPlan Course Details: T GH 494 (student access only)

T GH 496 Experiential Learning in Global Honors (5)
Uses globally-focuses experiential learning projects such as internships, community service to locally-based international or immigrant populations, or realted work intended to develop an appreciation of the processes of globalization. Integrates experience with theoretical understanding of globalization and global citizenship. Offered: AWSpS.
MyPlan Course Details: T GH 496 (student access only)