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Division of Culture, Art and Comm

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T FILM 272 Film Studies (5) VLPA
Introduction to the languages and forms of cinema. Topics include narrative and non-narrative film; mise-en-scene, cinematography, and editing; the soundtrack; film directors, genres, and historical movements.
View course details in MyPlan: T FILM 272

T FILM 348 Film and Human Values (5, max. 10) VLPA/I&S
Examines contemporary and classical films in order to explore how they might disclose different dimensions of human meaning, value, virtue or their opposites. Analyzes how film has become a major part of twentieth-century existence, experience and expression. Views, discusses and analyzes selected films.
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T FILM 350 Screenwriting (5) VLPA
Introduction to the fundamentals of theme, plot, character, and dialogue in writing for film and television. Students develop scripts, focusing on one central conflict, working in a workshop class format. Recommended: either TWRT 200, TWRT 370, or TWRT 380.
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T FILM 386 Silent Cinema (5) VLPA
Surveys film history from 1895 to 1927. Studies masterpieces of international cinema in historical, aesthetic, technological, and social contexts.
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T FILM 388 World Film 1960-2000 (5) VLPA
Examines major cinematic movements, trends, and individual works between 1960 and 2000. Considers films as art, as responses to social, political, economic, technological, and cultural conditions, and ad transnational media phenomena.
View course details in MyPlan: T FILM 388

T FILM 420 Contemporary World Cinema (5) VLPA
Study of trends in current international cinema: genres, geographical areas, technology, economics, and criticism.
View course details in MyPlan: T FILM 420

T FILM 440 Writing Film Criticism (5) VLPA
Explores the practice of film criticism through intensive reading and discussion of films and through writing and peer reviewing. Builds and understanding of the differences between film reviewing and criticism, and the importance of audience, style and approach. Prerequisite: One 300 or 400 level film class.
View course details in MyPlan: T FILM 440

T FILM 474 Russian History and the Soviet Film (5) I&S
Examines the major events of the Russian past by using Russian and Soviet films as primary resources. Provides an opportunity for a dialogue between the facts of Russian history and the esthetic and ideological views of Russian and Soviet cinema.
View course details in MyPlan: T FILM 474

T FILM 481 Film Theory and Aesthetics (5) VLPA
Examines 20th century's major film theorists' conception of the raw materials, forms, and values and effects of the film medium. Considers how critical theory adds to the understanding and enjoyment of film. Explores how commercial and experimental films exemplify and challenge ideas presented in readings.
View course details in MyPlan: T FILM 481

T FILM 483 Film Directors (5, max. 10) VLPA
Examines the idea of film authorship: does film, most often an industrial and collaborative medium, allow for the director's "individual" expression? Can we speak of a Woody Allen film in the same way that we speak of a Shakespeare play or a Jane Austen novel?
View course details in MyPlan: T FILM 483

T FILM 484 French Cinema (5) VLPA
Provides an overview of the art of film in France from 1895 to the present. Includes readings and screenings which place the study of French film culture in its historical, economic, social, political, philosophical, and aesthetic contexts.
View course details in MyPlan: T FILM 484

T FILM 485 Media Genres (5, max. 10) VLPA
Study of genre, the thematic classification of films (e.g. westerns, musicals) and television programming. Topics vary, but can include comedy, news/documentary, musical, and social-problem melodramas.
View course details in MyPlan: T FILM 485

T FILM 486 Feminist Perspectives in Film and Literature (5) VLPA, DIV
Examines distinctions between male and female readers/viewers. Explores a variety of literary works and films by women, as well as a selection of relevant essays in feminist criticism.
View course details in MyPlan: T FILM 486

T FILM 488 Gender and Sexuality in Film (5) VLPA, DIV
Examines the intersection of gender, sexuality, and film to consider how cinematic representations shape and reflect ideas about masculinity, femininity, heterosexuality, and homosexuality, as well as social identities that fall outside these categories.
View course details in MyPlan: T FILM 488

T FILM 499 Special Topics in Film Studies (5, max. 10) VLPA
Offered occasionally by permanent or visiting faculty members. Topics vary.
View course details in MyPlan: T FILM 499