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TEST 200 Fundamentals of Environmental Studies and Sustainability (5) I&S
Investigates knowledge from social sciences, natural sciences, and critical perspectives to prepare students for advanced coursework in environmental studies. Applies insights to actual environmental problems and situations at scales from local to global.
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TEST 211 Women in Science (5) I&S, DIV
Examines the contribution of women in science and technology throughout history and the impact these women have made on society. Emphasizes the effects of institutions, work, family, and mentors on the development of women in science and technology.
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TEST 213 History and Science of Space Exploration (5) NW
Examines the past, present, and future challenges of space exploration and the impact the space program has on society. Includes the history, politics, science, and technology associated with space travel and the challenges inherent in the colonization of other plants.
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TEST 221 Environmental History: Water (5) I&S/NW
Examines the historical relationship between water and fire, irrigation, grazing, mining, deforestation, and urbanization upon the regional and global environment. Using case histories based on water, emphasizes the sources and methods historians use to study environmental change over time.
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TEST 295 Valuing Ecosystems Services and Natural Capital (5) NW
Introduces students to the services provided to humans by ecological systems. Explores the ecological, economic, social, ethical, and political dimensions of enhancing, sustaining, and also losing ecosystem services.
View course details in MyPlan: TEST 295

TEST 332 A Natural History of Garbage (5) I&S/NW
Examines past and present practices of disposing of civilization's detritus. Uses methods of historical inquiry and environmental studies to get at the roots of one of the fundamental issues confronting the industrialized world: the disposal of waste. Research-based and includes field work.
View course details in MyPlan: TEST 332

TEST 333 Environmental Policy Application and Compliance (5) I&S
Covers practical environmental regulatory compliance. Develops an understanding of the systems, procedures, and forms required for routine environmental compliance. Explores how business, government, and the private citizen interact with environmental regulation.
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TEST 335 Environmental Impact Analysis (5) I&S/NW
Introduces the applied science principles and legal frameworks of environmental impact analysis. Provides an overview of the origins of federal and state environmental policy act laws and regulations, and covers scientific and policy approaches to evaluating a project's impacts on environmental media and natural resources.
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TEST 337 Natural Resources Policy: America's Public Forests and Parks (5) I&S
Explores fundamental and applied concepts in United States public forest and lands policy. Emphasizes political, legal, and administrative issues of federal and state lands, especially forests.
View course details in MyPlan: TEST 337

TEST 343 Water Quality Regulation (5) I&S
Reviews the substantive elements of water quality regulation, by reading and discussing a number of federal and Washington state statutes and regulations and cases. Requires substantial amount of reading.
View course details in MyPlan: TEST 343

TEST 345 Investing in the Environment (5) I&S
Reviews comprehensively the substantive elements of current and developing global environmental markets in carbon, water quantity and quality, biodiversity, clean energy, and fisheries. Discusses current issues in environmental markets.
View course details in MyPlan: TEST 345

TEST 426 Ecological History Field Studies (7) I&S/NW
Studies human-ecosystem interactions over time. Includes both human-induced and naturally occurring forces. Emphasizes field sampling, integration of cartographic data, archival research, analytic skills, and synthetic writing. Includes required field trips to libraries, archives, and research sites in Washington state.
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TEST 490 Special Topics in Environmental Studies (1-7, max. 21) NW
Advanced course offerings in environmental studies designed to respond to faculty and student interests and needs.
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TEST 495 Environmental Studies Experience (3) NW
Introduces students to project design and outreach that incorporates a combination of service learning and research. May include field work or community engagement or outreach on a variety of topics, depending on instructor.
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