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TEDNUR 573 Leadership IV: Instructional Leadership (5) C. KNAUS
Focuses on conceptual foundation for understanding current research and theoretical directions in learning, motivation, and instruction related to diverse educational settings. Evaluates leadership research, theory, and practice related to effective, high quality instruction. Offered: jointly with T EDLD 573.
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TEDNUR 574 Evaluation in Educational Systems (3) Adamson
Emphasizes the role of evaluation for the purpose of improving programs, instruction, and student learning. Focuses on the establishment of ongoing evaluation for internal and external stakeholders. Offered: jointly with T EDLD 574; W.
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TEDNUR 587 Challenges in Practice I: Curriculum (3) K. HAERLING, C. KNAUS
Focuses on current issues in curriculum leadership at the national, state, and local levels, targeting the need for coherent, articulated approaches to student learning at various academic levels and disciplines. Addresses challenges of curriculum, evaluation, and program implementation. Offered: jointly with T EDLD 587.
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TEDNUR 588 Challenges in Practice II: Supervision and Evaluation (3)
Focuses on development of systems for supervision and evaluation of instruction that directly connects to learning. Examines established and emerging models of evidence-based best practice in faculty and staff supervision and evaluation for instructional improvement. Offered: jointly with T EDLD 588.
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TEDNUR 602 Practicum (1-6, max. 18)
Focuses on educational leadership development dealing with actual problems of practice in the work environment, including problem analysis and solution generation. Includes competencies required by professional organizations for certification purposes. Offered: jointly with T EDLD 602.
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