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Division of Politics, Phil and Pub Aff

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TECON 101 Understanding Economics (5) I&S, QSR
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 101 (student access only)

TECON 150 Quantitative Preparation for Economics and Business (5) NW, QSR
Introduces students to the kinds of quantitative analysis used in economics and business courses. Uses practical examples to build skills in graphical analysis, use of algebra, basic probability, introductory computer use, and quantitative reasoning.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 150 (student access only)

TECON 200 Introduction to Microeconomics (5) I&S, QSR
Analysis of markets: consumer demand, production, exchange, the price system, resource allocation, government intervention. Recommended: TMATH 111.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 200 (student access only)

TECON 201 Introduction to Macroeconomics (5) I&S, QSR
Analysis of the aggregate economy: national income, inflation, business fluctuations, unemployment, monetary system, federal budget, international trade and finance.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 201 (student access only)

TECON 210 Ethics and Economics (5) I&S
Introduces some basic economic principles such rationality, utility, and market, discusses the ways in which these concepts interacts with ethical issues such as equity, justice, and fairness, and explores how ethics and economics influence policymaking.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 210 (student access only)

TECON 320 Gender and Development (5) I&S
Applies economic concepts to examine the role of gender in economic and social change. Examines critical debates surrounding households, particularly decisions about land, labor, resource allocation, bargaining power, and education; and the role of internal organizations, laws, and corporations in women's access to economic opportunity and political power.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 320 (student access only)

TECON 328 Third World Problems and Prospects (5) I&S
Examines contemporary issues and problems faced by the developing world. Considers economic development, resource use, and aspects of neocolonialism. Discusses selected topics relevant to individual Third World regions and presents case studies.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 328 (student access only)

TECON 332 Rise of East Asia (5) I&S
Compares the cultural, economic, and political development of the countries of East Asia. Topics may include political institutions, religion, business, economic development, trade and finance, science and technology, and arts and literature.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 332 (student access only)

TECON 340 International Economics (5) I&S
Examines theory, institutions, and case studies in international economics. Covers theory of international trade and international finance, and analyses of government trade and finance policies. Analyzes role of international institutions. Prerequisite: either TECON 200, TBECON 200, TFIN 220, TECON 201, TBECON 201, or TFIN 221.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 340 (student access only)

TECON 350 Economic History of Europe (5) I&S
Examines the transformation of Europe from an agricultural to an industrial economy. Utilizes a theoretical understanding of the economic processes to explain economic history and economic development. Recommended: either TECON 200, TBECON 200, TECON 201, or TBECON 201.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 350 (student access only)

TECON 360 Poverty in Developing Countries (5) I&S
Examines the economic, social, and political factors that explain extreme poverty around the world. Examines patterns of extreme poverty, the relationship between domestic policies and poverty, and the role international factors play in contributing to and alleviating poverty in developing countries.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 360 (student access only)

TECON 370 Economics and Social Mobility (5) I&S
Explores the relationship between inequality and social mobility. Investigates factors related to social mobility and examines how it has changed over time and across countries. Engages in an analysis of the features of society that help explain the degree to which societies have a level playing field.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 370 (student access only)

TECON 394 Comparative Economic Development (5) I&S
Introduces a variety of issues affecting Third World economies in a framework that emphasizes their particular and varied post-colonial histories. Draws on economic theory, cultural and economic anthropology, literature, and other sources to understand institutions and sources of change in these economies.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 394 (student access only)

TECON 401 Topics in Economic History and Analysis (5, max. 10) I&S
Selected economic studies. Possible topics include history of monopoly and antitrust policy, economic regulation, structural change in the U.S. economy, labor economics, and the Industrial Revolution. Prerequisite: either TECON 200, TBECON 200, TECON 201, or TBECON 201.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 401 (student access only)

TECON 410 Economics of Public Policy (5) I&S
Applies economic analysis to public issues, policies, and programs. Provides a theoretical understanding of markets and government policies to examine existing and alternative public policies. Analyzes case studies of government policies, and evaluates and critiques current public policies and alternatives. Prerequisite: either TECON 200 or TBECON 220.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 410 (student access only)

TECON 416 Current Issues in U.S. Public Policy (5) I&S
Develops student's analytical and conceptual understanding of current key federal public policy issues and reform proposals. Examines the economic role of the government versus the private sector in the U.S. economy, and analyzes issues surrounding the appropriate size and role of the public sector.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 416 (student access only)

TECON 418 Urban Problems and Policies (5) I&S
Develops and applies economic analyses to an understanding of the dynamics and underlying structure of urban economies and urban problems. Draws examples from the local economy and local problems.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 418 (student access only)

TECON 420 Economics of Education (5) I&S
Examines topics in the economics of education including how schools re financed and why; what determines the amount and distribution of individual educational obtainment; debate over school vouchers; and the economic returns to education.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 420 (student access only)

TECON 421 Environmental Policy (5) I&S/NW
Examines tradeoffs between the formal economy and the environment, and assesses current environmental policy. Places particular emphasis on examining and understanding local environmental issues. Prerequisite: either T ECON 100, TECON 200, TBECON 200, TECON 201, or TBECON 221.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 421 (student access only)

TECON 422 Economics of Sports (5) I&S
Explores sports economics. Uses economic theory and analysis to examine issues central to professional sports such as the determination of salaries and the public subsidization of stadiums.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 422 (student access only)

TECON 425 Contemporary Issues in International Political Economy (5) I&S
Investigates pressing issues confronting both industrialized and underdeveloped societies. Includes topics such as the international debt crisis, the changing international division of labor, poverty and inequality in the world economy, liberation movements, internationalization of production and regional disruptions in the U.S. Prerequisite: either TECON 200, TBECON 220, TECON 201, or TBECON 221.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 425 (student access only)

TECON 440 Global Economic Challenges (5) I&S
Develops the contextual and analytical background necessary to understand and evaluate a number of major economic challenges facing citizens and nations throughout the world. Topics include global financial crises, energy and environmental security, global financial imbalances, global inequality and poverty, and the emergence of new economic powers.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 440 (student access only)

TECON 450 Labor Economics and Policy (5) I&S
Analyzes of determinants of labor markets outcomes, and the effect of labor market policy in advanced capitalist economies, with primary reference to the United States. Prerequisite: either TECON 200, TECON 201, TBECON 220, or TBECON 221.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 450 (student access only)

TECON 460 China's Rise and its Global Economic Implications (5) I&S
Explores and evaluates the implications of China's growth and management of its economy for both Chinese citizens as well as the global economic system. Develops the analytical background necessary to understand the recent rapid emergence of China. Prerequisite: either TECON 200, TBECON 200, TFIN 220, TECON 201, TBECON 201, or TFIN 221.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 460 (student access only)

TECON 470 Economics of Health and Health Policy (5) I&S
Explores health, the healthcare sector and health policy issues from an economics perspective. Covers the demand for healthcare, health insurance markets, managed care, medical technology, government insurance programs, healthcare reform, and the pharmaceutical industry. Prerequisite: either TECON 200, TECON 201, TBECON 220, or TBECON 221.
MyPlan Course Details: TECON 470 (student access only)