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TCULTR 210 Introduction to Popular Culture (5) VLPA Walker
Explores genres and themes across 20th and 21st century U.S. popular culture. Emphasizes the practice and acquisition of the methodological tools needed to situate the interpretation of cultural text (literature, art, music, film, comics, and television) within historical and sociopolitical contexts. Offered: AWSp.

TCULTR 410 Studies in U.S. Popular Culture (5) VLPA Walker
Examines how popular culture reflects and shapes our understanding of a key social issue. Emphasizes the critical interpretation of literature, art, music, film, television, and other media in historical and sociopolitical contexts. Also explores how evolving media technologies have affected popular representations of the chosen topic. Offered: AWSp.

TCULTR 450 Monstrous Imagination (5) VLPA Walker
Explores the role of the monstrous other in British and American culture. Examines the ideological dimensions of the monstrous as a means of understanding the social boundaries of human experience. Emphasizes the critical interpretation of literature, art, music, film, and television. Offered: AWSp.