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T BUS 101 Introduction to Business (5) I&S
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 101 (student access only)

T BUS 300 Managing Organizations (5) I&S
Examines the profession of management and nature of organizations. Focuses on the key managerial functions and organizational processes needed to plan, organize, lead and control contemporary organizations. Activities provide opportunities to improve communication, strategic planning, teamwork, social responsibility, ethical decision making, and professional capacities. Prerequisite: either T CORE 101, TWRT 112, or ENGL 131.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 300 (student access only)

T BUS 301 Quantitative Analysis for Business (5) NW, QSR
Provides statistical tools to analyze business problems and enhance decision-making. Utilizes an applied approach to organize, explore, and analyze data, design experiments, and surveys, understand estimations and significance tests, and use quantitative methods.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 301 (student access only)

T BUS 310 Effective Managerial Communications (5) VLPA/I&S
Focuses on oral and written communication skills in an organizational environment. Provides opportunities to communicate clearly and concisely in writing, make persuasive presentations, negotiate effectively, listen to the ideas and opinions of others, provide and receive constructive feedback, explore new communication technologies, and understand the impact that globalization has on organizational communication. Prerequisite: either T CORE 101, TWRT 112, or ENGL 131.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 310 (student access only)

T BUS 320 Introduction to Marketing Management (5) I&S
Introduces the major principles and practices that are used by marketing managers in analyzing marketing problems and developing appropriate solutions. Examines how marketing operates within the global, social, and economic environment. Prerequisite: either T CORE 101, TWRT 112, or ENGL 131.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 320 (student access only)

T BUS 330 Introduction to Information Technology (5)
Introduces techniques that managers use to locate, organize, distribute, and use information for decision making and strategic advantage. Addresses tools for managing information, including computer hardware, software, telecommunication networks, and various information system components. Includes a computer laboratory component in which students address organizational and managerial information requirements. Prerequisite: either T CORE 101, TWRT 112, or ENGL 131.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 330 (student access only)

T BUS 350 Business Finance (5)
Focuses on understanding the sources, uses, costs, and control of funds in business organizations. Key topics include managing cash flow, evaluating the time value of money, capital budgeting, evaluating stocks and bonds, and determining the financing mix. Explores the organizational, ethical, and economic consequences of financial decisions.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 350 (student access only)

T BUS 400 Business Policy and Strategic Management (5)
Examines policy making and the role of strategy in the general management of a business organization. Students will learn strategy formulation, implementation, and application in complex situations. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in T BUS 300; T BUS 310; T BUS 320; T BUS 350; either T BUS 301, T BUS 330 (for non-accounting), or T ACCT 330, any of which may be taken concurrently.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 400 (student access only)

T BUS 468 Internship (1-5, max. 10)
Provides opportunity to gain experience in a business organization to apply and experience concepts taught in the traditional classroom. Develops links between the community and the classroom. Prerequisite: Any three of T BUS 300 T BUS 301, T BUS 310, T BUS 320, T BUS 330, T BUS 350, or T ACCT 330.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 468 (student access only)

T BUS 469 Undergraduate Research (1-5, max. 15)
Provides opportunity to explore a specific management or marketing topic, idea, project, or research interest that extends previous knowledge and broadens experience. Proposals and course criteria are developed in cooperation with specific faculty members prior to course registration.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 469 (student access only)

T BUS 490 Special Topics (1-5, max. 15)
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 490 (student access only)

T BUS 500 Quantitative Methods in Business (4)
Examines statistical concepts including probability and probability distributions. Develops an understanding of sampling and estimation procedures, hypothesis testing, and inference. Topics include correlation and regression analysis, and analysis of time series.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 500 (student access only)

T BUS 501 Financial Theory (4)
Examines financial theory including asset valuation, capital markets, and the basic terminology of corporate finance. Focuses on time value of money, equity valuation, cost of capital, and basics of risk management as essential tools.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 501 (student access only)

T BUS 503 Financial Reporting and Analysis (4)
Focuses on the process by which firms report economic information to users outside the firm (e.g., stockholders, potential investors, creditors, regulatory agencies). Introduces the concepts of financial accounting including preparation and analysis of financial statements.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 503 (student access only)

T BUS 504 Marketing Management (4)
Explores the processes by which organizations create value for customers. Focuses on marketing decision making, including opportunity analysis, positioning strategies, product development/management, distribution channels, pricing tactics, and integrated marketing communications. Enables students to engage in target market selection and marketing program design.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 504 (student access only)

T BUS 505 Information Systems (4)
Examines key management issues related to the effective use of information systems for operational support, tactical decision making, and strategic activities in various business environments. Uses computer-based assignments to provide an experiential understanding of the issues involved.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 505 (student access only)

T BUS 506 Strategic Management (4)
Focuses on the strategy development process in organizations and on how to create sustainable competitive advantage. Examines the strategic position of organizations, strategic choices for the future, and how one can best translate strategies into action.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 506 (student access only)

T BUS 507 Individual and Team Dynamics (4)
Examines individual and group dynamics in business organizations to enhance understanding of key issues associated with managing people. Focuses on practice and conceptual training to hone skills in problem definition and problem solving; analysis of organizational dynamics; and managerial action that enhances individual, group, and organizational performance.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 507 (student access only)

T BUS 508 Integrated Systems (4)
Integrates material learned in the MBA core through immersion in systems theory. Learn to view organizations as open systems and evaluate consequences of business decisions. Uses online simulation to demonstrate the interplay of various subsystems in organizations while competitive forces create an environment of ongoing change.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 508 (student access only)

T BUS 520 Microeconomics for Managers (4)
Examines ways to apply tools of intermediate microeconomic theory to issues of interest to managers. Topics include market processes, consumer theory, firm behavior in competitive and imperfectly competitive markets, product pricing, and strategic behavior.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 520 (student access only)

T BUS 530 Operations Management in Action (4)
Examines essential topics in operations management, including operations strategy and planning; process and service design; supply chain and inventory management; quality management and statistical quality control; and forecasting and scheduling. Emphasizes concepts and skills essential for operations management in manufacturing and service firms from a strategic, operational, and analytic perspective. Offered: W.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 530 (student access only)

T BUS 569 Analytical Research (2-4, max. 4)
Provides an opportunity to work independently exploring specific business topics in greater depth. The students must develop a research proposal and make arrangements with a faculty member to supervise the project prior to course registration. Prerequisite: Tacoma MBA student and permission of instructor.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 569 (student access only)

T BUS 570 Organization Change (4)
Provides a multiple perspectives approach to managing change. Examines competing perspectives on change stemming from both change management approaches and organizational development approaches. Considers various change methodologies, and explores examples of best practice in change management. Experiential approach encourages the development of skills in change management.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 570 (student access only)

T BUS 590 Special Topics in Business (1-4, max. 12)
Advanced offerings designed to respond to faculty and student interests and needs.
MyPlan Course Details: T BUS 590 (student access only)