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T BGEN 111 Freshman Leadership Seminar (2) J. LAWLESS
Introduces student to the core competencies of communication, teamwork, and ethics. Emphasizes service learning and experiential application of concepts through leadership projects. Promotes cohort identity and socialization for incoming freshman in the Milgard School of Business Freshman Direct Program. Offered: W.
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T BGEN 200 Introduction to Statistics in Business (5) NW, QSR
Introduces the major principles and practices utilized in basic statistical analysis. Focuses on descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, probabilistic reasoning, correlation, regression, and hypothesis testing.
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T BGEN 210 Computer-Based Business Problem Solving (5)
Explores uses of Excel to analyze and solve business problems through manipulation and analysis of data. Reviews pivot tables, what-if analysis, solver, and Excel-based management analyses, such as optimization, data mining, customer analysis, data organization, and presentation.
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T BGEN 218 Introduction to Business Law (5) I&S
Explores the impact of the changing legal environment on business decision making. Examines legal issues that organizations confront to establish appropriate strategies for effective functioning and developing compliance guidelines. Utilized specific tools to access legal resources for proactively recognizing, framing and analyzing business opportunities, and problems in the legal environment.
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T BGEN 311 Professional Business Writing (5)
Addresses various techniques of business writing to improve students' overall skill set in written communication. Explores standard components of business documents and rhetorical strategies for organizing and presenting information in various written formats to achieve business objectives. Covers various forms of business writing, including standard correspondence, proposals, and formal reports.
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T BGEN 412 Ethical Issues in Business (5) VLPA
Explores the moral principles and community standards by which businesses are judged and assesses the impact management decisions have on the business and on society. Focuses on the conflict between the economic performance of the firm and the social performance of the firm.
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T BGEN 465 Research in Contemporary Organizational Issues (5)
Introduces students to academic research and provides an opportunity for intensive study of an organizational issue. Emphasis is placed on understanding the research process and applying these concepts in a research paper. Students may choose a topic from any organizational field. Emphasizes communication, strategic thinking, and integrated business knowledge.
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T BGEN 468 International Business Field Experience (5-10, max. 10)
Provides opportunities to gain actual international field experience. Involves applying knowledge and skills learned in business, international business and/or international management classes through an actual internship opportunity in another nation. Application and International Business faculty advisor's approval required. Prerequisite: Business core; either T MGMT 478 or T MGMT 480.
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T BGEN 490 Special Topics (1-5, max. 15)
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