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ELCBUS 210 Principles of Financial Accounting (5)
Preparation and use of accounting reports with primary focus on uses of accounting for external reporting. Understand financial statements and prepare statements that accurately present to external entities corporate financial position, operating results, cash flows, and financial strength.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 210 (student access only)

ELCBUS 211 Principles of Managerial Accounting (5)
Uses accounting information for business planning and control purposes. Focuses on internal use of accounting information and topics include cost behavior, product costing, budgeting, performance management, and responsibility accounting. Develops proficiency in identifying the relevant information for making operational and strategic decisions. Prerequisite: either ELCBUS 210 or B BUS 210.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 211 (student access only)

ELCBUS 215 Introduction to Business Statistics (5) QSR
Introduces descriptive statistics, probability concepts, and statistical inference emphasizing statistical applications useful in decision making and research in the social sciences. Topics include exploratory data analysis, correlation sampling theory, estimation, hypothesis testing, and simple regression analysis. Concepts are illustrated through case problems in sociology, psychology, consumer economics, and business.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 215 (student access only)

ELCBUS 300 Management of Organizations (5)
Introduces management from a macro perspective. Includes leading management theories, recent case studies of world-class organizations, new research finding, and presentations by leading business executives.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 300 (student access only)

ELCBUS 301 Business Statistics (5) QSR
Examines statistical methods useful in modeling business problems. Topics include exploratory data analysis and the visual representation of data, probability distributions, statistical inference (sampling theory, estimation, hypothesis testing), and multiple regression models. Concepts illustrated through case problems and the intensive sue of statistical software.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 301 (student access only)

ELCBUS 305 Managerial Communication (1-2, max. 5)
Focuses on the importance of topics such as written and oral communication for managerial success. Involves hands-on individual and group experience in preparing business documents and delivering business presentations.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 305 (student access only)

ELCBUS 310 Managerial Economics (5)
Applies economics principles and quantitative methods to improve managerial decision making. Topics include demand analysis, cost analysis, forecasting, asset valuation, information economics, and government regulation of business. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 301.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 310 (student access only)

ELCBUS 320 Marketing Management (5)
Focuses on designing tools, concepts, and strategies for problem solving in marketing management. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 301.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 320 (student access only)

ELCBUS 330 Information Management and Analysis (5)
Examines core technologies vital to enterprise information technology management. Topics include architectural considerations in high tech enterprises, internet tools, and enterprise resource planning systems.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 330 (student access only)

ELCBUS 340 Operations and Project Management (5)
Examines service and manufacturing processes that deliver value to customers, introduces concepts and tools for critical analysis, and emphasizes operating priorities (quality, cost, delivery, flexibility, social responsibility) including the underlying factors that support them. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 310.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 340 (student access only)

ELCBUS 350 Business Finance (5)
Focuses on understanding the sources, uses, costs, and control of funds in business organizations. Issues include the internal management of working capital, sources of capital, financing new ventures, capital budgeting, and financing the growth of businesses. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 310.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 350 (student access only)

ELCBUS 380 Introduction to Organizational Behavior (5)
Examines frameworks and models for understanding the factors that influence the effectiveness of individuals, teams, and organizations. Topics include employee motivation, leadership, team dynamics, communication, and organizational culture and change.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 380 (student access only)

ELCBUS 382 Business, Government, and Society (5)
Examines the relationship of business to society for the perspective of the business manager. Considers business' relationships with both commercial and non-commercial stakeholders. Topics including business ethics, influence of business and government on each other, and relative roles of the two in achieving society's economic, social, and environmental goals.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 382 (student access only)

ELCBUS 400 Business Project Management (5)
Provides in-depth coverage of skills that prepare students for rules as business project leaders and team members. Topics include project selection, risk, definition, stakeholder analysis, communication plans, scheduling, software, resource allocation, monitoring, post-project assessment. Emphasizes critical thinking and analysis. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 340.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 400 (student access only)

ELCBUS 401 Electronic Marketing (5)
Critically analyze new marketing models; study how firms can effectively leverage new technology and maximize long-term profits. Includes: web marketing strategy, e-commerce issues, channel issues, pricing models, advertising and promotion models, and business plans. Equivalent to B BUS 431. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 320.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 401 (student access only)

ELCBUS 402 Leadership and Decision Making (5)
The manager is seen as a business leader and decision-maker. Covers various individual and group-level decision-making models. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 300.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 402 (student access only)

ELCBUS 403 Negotiations and Conflict Management (5)
Explores creative, integrative approaches to conflict resolution. Includes bargaining games, role-plays, cases, issues in conflict management, interpersonal influence processes, ethical implications of bargaining problems, and persona negotiating styles. Equivalent to B BUS 462. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in both ELCBUS 300 and ELCBUS 320.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 403 (student access only)

ELCBUS 441 Essentials of Venturing (5)
Provides an overview of the new venture creation process including business formation, growth, and innovation. Introduces forms of entrepreneurship, methods of acquiring human capital, the idea generation processes, networking, intellectual property protection, as well as types and sources of funding.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 441 (student access only)

ELCBUS 442 New Venture Ideas (5)
Focuses on the basics of new product development and marketing. Provides an understanding of the importance of the integration of design, manufacturing, and marketing processes. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 441.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 442 (student access only)

ELCBUS 443 Venture Feasibility Analysis (5)
Focuses on methods to evaluate and obtain control over opportunities that can be exploited by staring new companies. Prerequisite: ELCBUS 442, which may be taken concurrently
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 443 (student access only)

ELCBUS 444 Venture Start-up, Management and Growth (5)
Focuses on the opportunity and challenge of managing and growing of start-ups. Emphasizes understanding of the processes managing growth and effectively dealing with the growing pains. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 on ELCBUS 443.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 444 (student access only)

ELCBUS 451 Financial Policy and Practice (5)
Emphasizes major current theories and practices in the field of financial management. Topics include financial ratio analysis; break-even analysis; cash, marketable securities, inventory, and accounts receivable management models; dividend policy; short-term and long-term financing decisions; and international finance. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 350.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 451 (student access only)

ELCBUS 453 Financial Institutions and Markets (5)
Role of banks and non-bank financial institutions in the financial system; asset choices of banks and non-bank financial institutions; problems in the management of financial institutions with emphasis on commercial banks. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 350.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 453 (student access only)

ELCBUS 454 Investments (5)
Introduction to the nature, problems, and process of evaluating particular securities and portfolio construction and administration. Special attention is directed to the risk and rate of return aspects of particular securities portfolios; and total wealth. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 350.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 454 (student access only)

ELCBUS 455 Futures and Options (5)
Introduction to the field of derivative securities, focusing in particular on futures, forwards, and options. Pays special attention to the use of derivative securities in the management of risk and the general principles underlying the pricing of derivative securities. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 454.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 455 (student access only)

ELCBUS 461 International Environment of Business (5)
Focuses on major changes and issues facing businesses and managers operating in an increasingly global environment. Emphasizes topics such as trade policy, technological advances, the changing nature of the work force, and societal expectations of business. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 310.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 461 (student access only)

ELCBUS 462 International Marketing (5-)
Integrated study of institutions, factors, and trends that have a bearing on global business operations and strategy. Utilizes lectures, research, case studies, guest speakers, and extensive practical application of modern marketing principles. Special emphasis on developing a marketing plan for the export of product or service. Prerequisite: ELCBUS 320.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 462 (student access only)

ELCBUS 463 International Finance and Trade (5)
Covers key topics in financial management including management of foreign exchange exposure, foreign direct investment decisions, multinational capital budgeting, balance of payments, determination of exchange rates, and the role and tools of banks in international trade. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 1.7 in ELCBUS 350.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 463 (student access only)

ELCBUS 464 History and Globalization (5)
Examines the process of globalization from a historical perspective and applies a systems theory framework based on the insights of modern science to enhance understanding of the process.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 464 (student access only)

ELCBUS 470 Business Policy and Strategic Management (5)
Focuses on identification, analysis, and resolution of managerial problems; creation and implementation of management policies in business organizations; and revision of policies over time. Prerequisite: a minimum grade of 1.7 in each of ELCBUS 300; ELCBUS 320; ELCBUS 340; and ELCBUS 350.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 470 (student access only)

ELCBUS 497 Guided Internship (1-10, max. 10)
A significant research project planned and carried out by the student under the direction of one or more faculty.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 497 (student access only)

ELCBUS 499 Undergraduate Research (1-5, max. 15)
Individual advanced research on topics related to business issues and conducted under the direction of one or more instructors.
MyPlan Course Details: ELCBUS 499 (student access only)