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BST 200 Introduction to Climate Science (5) I&S/NW
Introduces climate science and global climate change. Topics include the scientific method, earth history, global biogeochemical cycles, population and energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions; fundamental climate science, energy conservation, alternative energy; climate and the media; and climate policy. Includes service project around issues of energy or climate. Recommended: B CUSP 098 or higher, which may be taken concurrently.
MyPlan Course Details: BST 200 (student access only)

BST 293 Special Topics (5, max. 15)
Examines different subjects or problems from an interdisciplinary framework.
MyPlan Course Details: BST 293 (student access only)

BST 381 Introduction to Electric Power Generation (5) NW, QSR Collins
Reviews the design and operation of power plants for the generation of electric power. Covers thermodynamic principles of energy conversion, cycle analysis, combustion, nuclear and hydroelectric power, emerging energy technologies, plant economics, emission controls, and environmental impact. Prerequisite: B CUSP 126; B PHYS 122. Offered: jointly with B EE 381.
MyPlan Course Details: BST 381 (student access only)

BST 445 Political Economy of Energy (5) I&S
Covers the theoretical and practical issues in developing public policy to meet demands for efficient, secure, and environmentally sustainable energy. Student evaluate energy technologies in terms of scientific merit, economics, environmental impacts, and political contexts, and propose technologically sound and politically feasible solutions. Recommended: junior standing.
MyPlan Course Details: BST 445 (student access only)

BST 446 Sustainable Energy (5) NW Collins
Covers the principles of energy conservation and technologies for generating and transmitting energy sustainably to meet growing energy demand. Discusses the status and prospects of current and emerging energy choices, including fossil and nuclear fuels, biomass, wind, and solar. Prerequisite: B CUSP 124; either B CHEM 142, B PHYS 114, or B PHYS 121.
MyPlan Course Details: BST 446 (student access only)

BST 493 Advanced Topics in Science and Technology (2-5, max. 15)
Explores selected advanced topics in science and technology.
MyPlan Course Details: BST 493 (student access only)

BST 498 Independent Study in Science and Technology (1-5, max. 15)
Independent study on a topic or area agreed upon by the instructor and student.
MyPlan Course Details: BST 498 (student access only)

BST 499 Undergraduate Research in Science and Technology (1-5, max. 20)
Undergraduate research on a topic agreed upon by the instructor and student.
MyPlan Course Details: BST 499 (student access only)